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Christopher Bjerknes: Hitler Was a False Flag

Researcher-historian Christopher Jon Bjerknes, author of Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist and other books, joins the debate on Hitler. Like my recent guest Michael Hoffman, Bjerknes thinks Hitler was indeed an “enemy of the German people”—and a very dubious character in many respects—whose reign was an unmitigated disaster for Germany and Europe in general. Now he’s under attack from Hitler fans!

Adam Green recently wrote me:

I enjoyed your interview with Michael Hoffman. The religious zealot nazi cult is viciously attacking Bjerknes and me after our videos about his new books too. Our videos were all top trending on bitchute
After watching your great talk with Hoffman, I’d love to see you have Bjerknes on too. He’s under smear attack big time right now. His new theories that Hitler was ZIONIST/COMMUNIST controlled opposition is incredibly interesting, I think he’s onto something big.

This show was broadcast on March 23, 2020.

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One Response to “Christopher Bjerknes: Hitler Was a False Flag_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Bill Gibbons

    Yes, Hitler and the Nazis had a point of view. That point of view was to wage aggressive war on Europe, and to enslave the Slavs. The Nazis were defeated utterly, mostly by the Soviets. The Nazis murdered 29 million Soviets before they were justly defeated. It’s no wonder that there would be atrocities when Germany was invaded to stop their crimes, a war crime is wrong and should be condemned, but the defeat of the Nazis should be celebrated. Even if we buy the arguments that gas chambers were an invented lie to make the Germans look extra bad, they murdered 2 million Jews when the Nazis invaded Russia, mostly through massive firing squads. If you read Hitler, his ramblings are as stupid and comical as a skin head’s comic book. Christopher Bjerknes is just plan crazy saying Hitler was a communist and a Zionist. Michael Hoffman’s position is that basically Hitler could do no wrong. This broadcast gets five stars for being outside the box, but one and half stars for accurate information given to the public.



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