The Coronavirus Panic and the 9/11 Reaction_on 9/11 Free Fall

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The Coronavirus Panic and the 9/11 Reaction

Host Andy Steele and Truth and Shadows writer Craig McKee look at the worldwide panic surrounding the coronavirus and find similarities between it and the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

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This show was broadcast on March 19, 2020.

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One Response to “The Coronavirus Panic and the 9/11 Reaction_on 9/11 Free Fall”

  1. Levi

    Hi Andy,

    Love your shows, sharing perspectives to get a better sense of the truth.

    Have you done a show yet on investigating the US government’s annual bailouts, promotion, and requirements to push animal agriculture counter to the negative impacts on human health, environment, zoonotic pandemics, human hunger and poverty, and ethical (speciesism)?

    They are hiding a BIG secret. A great guest to have on your show would be Connie from Vegan Justice League (you can find her on Instagram). It’s a great time to discuss considering COVID-19 is a Zoonotic disease, and there are others like Newcastle Disease requiring chicken farms in California to continue to be quarantined for over a year now. Check out her profile to learn more.

    Best wishes,


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