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Four Arrows: Beware of Fear-Based Hypnosis (9/11, Coronavirus, etc.)

Four Arrows aka Don Trent Jacobs has been a professor at Fielding Graduate University for 17 years. He is the author of 21 books, including American Assassination: The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, and a contributor to others including the critically important The Hidden History of 9/11. Tonight’s discussion also features Rafiq, who recently reviewed Michael Fisher’s book on Four Arrows. (Listen to my interview with Michael Fisher and Rafiq HERE.)

In this interview I ask Four Arrows: “We’ve been through a couple of decades bookended by 9/11 on one end and what looks like coronavirus biowar on China and Iran on the other end. Both cases (featured) massive jolts of fear to generate a PR war on a civilization that we have to clash with. It’s been a crazy 20 years, and its not getting any less crazy. How are we going to deprogram the world to get it out of this horrible fear trance?”

Four Arrows’ sums it up: “We have to realize how susceptible we are to being hypnotized. Otherwise you can’t explain what we’re doing to ourselves.”

He suggests that hypnosis (in the broad sense of the term) is not just a problem, but also a potential solution:

“Religious groups think it’s (hypnosis) of the devil. Hollywood makes it an entertainment. Except for the few people who have open-heart surgery with it, it’s not something we understand as being important to our lives. But indigenous cultures, for 99 percent of human history, without knowing the neuroscience of it, understood that if we are to avoid our fears, our frailties, our vices, and reach our highest potential, we need ceremony. And ceremony involved intention while in an alternative consciousness, an alternative brainwave frequency…”


This show was broadcast on March 11, 2020.

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