Elias Davidsson_ on 9/11 Free Fall

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Elias Davidsson

Host Andy Steele is joined by activist and researcher Elias Davidsson to discuss some of his thoughts on the 9/11 crime, and the blind acceptance by Americans of the official story.

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This show was broadcast on February 6, 2020.

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2 Responses to “Elias Davidsson_ on 9/11 Free Fall”

  1. Its a given that the radical Islamic hijackers story is bogus,
    And that effectively demonstrates that the “war on terror” has absolutely no foundation . . . So, now what?
    Whatever shall we do?

  2. James M Nunn

    imo he seems to be missing the point on many issues; zionist control of the US press and political system, the wealth of info on zionist mossad involvement, etc..and perseverating on something that is commonly agreed with within the 911 truth movement i.e. that the 18 highjackers/osama bin laden story is a false narrative. yes to the US public being indocrinated. we bought into the myth of american exceptionalism long ago. the american public; amnesia- loss of memory, abulia-loss of will, apathy-loss of interest. more power to him tho.



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