China: Model or Menace? Brutal or Benign? Ellen Brown vs. Peter Myers! _on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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China: Brutal or Benign? Ellen Brown vs. Peter Myers! Plus: Gordon Duff on Soleimani murder & looming WW3

Ellen Brown rebuts the anti-China position Peter Myers articulated on my previous show. Peter Myer responds.  One key issue: Has China been making tremendous strides towards ecological sustainability, as Andre Vltchek and John Cobb argue?  We’ll reference Ellen’s latest article on the Green New Deal and how to finance it.

Ellen says China’s mostly-public banking sector points the way toward a better and more sustainable way of doing business. She adds that China like all countries has corrupt elements and negative aspects, but that we shouldn’t let negatives dominate our perception of the country as a whole.

Peter Myers counters that while he agrees that China’s public banking is better than Western private banking, China’s crimes against Uyghurs and Tibetans, its Orwellian surveillance and repression, and its increasing tendencies towards imperialism are being ignored by the alternative media—much the same way Stalin’s crimes were ignored, for ideological reasons, by leftist dissidents in the 1930s.


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This show was broadcast on January 6, 2020.

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2 Responses to “China: Model or Menace? Brutal or Benign? Ellen Brown vs. Peter Myers! _on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. yonnik faulkner

    The Corbett Report, lol.

  2. yonnik faulkner

    What I seemed to remember learning from James Corbin’s website re history of WWI is that the Milner crowd coming out of Rhodes’ “round table” engineered the war to begin with, so crediting them with winning the war is a bit rich and not looking deep enough: perhaps the whole point of the war was to centralize political power, limit freedom and establish what we have been saddled with ever since: perpetual war/war economy in order to enthrone the elite in perpetuity. So Peter, take your growing up with “duties” in the 50’s and 60’s insofar as it’s turns out to be used in service (servitude) to the plutocrats (as opposed to the JFK meaning) and give me “Question authority” even if it had roots in a CIA psyop. It just needs to be taken further and, in accord with Truman’s remorse, dismantle the CIA and it’s spin offs. Maybe we could replace it with “Agency of Decentralization” to promote freedom, rights and the benefits of those long lost 100-200 natural social organizational groupings elevated over the corporate/Milner fascistic model.



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