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The Fake War Between Donald Trump and the Media

Recorded in July 2017 Greg and Jeremy discuss Donald Trump’s long time friendly relationships with top media executives, particularly CNN’s Jeff Zucker, how CNN aided Trump throughout the election, and why this proves just how ridiculous the idea is of Trump being at war with the media. We then discuss Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s business ties to major media moguls with connections to both Israel and Russia, and why it matters. We close by discussing why none of the major media outlets reporting on the Russia scandal should be trusted, and caution against centering activism around trying to debunk claims of Russia collusion. - An interview from during the campaign in which Trump heaps praise on numerous media executives, including Rupert Murdoch, Ari Emanuel, Sumner Redstone, Jeff Zucker, CBS’s Les Moonves, and NBC’s Andy Lack. - Brett Ratner, business partner of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, claims that he never knew that Meyer Lansky was his “childhood friend” until after his father died. - Classic article by the late Michael Collins Piper detailing how the majority of Trump’s casino empire came from his acquisition of CIA/Mossad front group Resorts International. - A 2008 article about “New York Lovin Russian Oligarchs,” many of whom just happen to have close connections to Trump, Israel, Russia, and Chabad Lubavitch. - Profile of “Russian” mogul Len Blavatnik, another business partner of Mnuchin’s with close ties to Israel and Chabad. - Details the relationship between Mnuchin and yet another business partner, Australian mogul and close Netanyahu pal James Packer. - A recent speech in which Trump, in a complete 180 from his campaign rhetoric, explains that the reason he has Goldman people in charge of the economy is because they are rich and smart. Mnuchin’s connections indicate that this might not be the only reason Trump surrounds himself with Goldman people. Support The Antedote on Patreon!!!!!

This encore show was broadcast on December 31, 2019.

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