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<h3>Whats Next for Mars Exploration?   </h3>
<p><font size=Planetary Society board member and Caltech/JPL research scientist Bethany Ehlmann discusses how the Mars 2020 mission will search for life on the Red Planet. The Red Planet is slowly revealing its deepest secrets, but theres much more to learn. The biggest mystery is whether it has ever been home to life. Caltech and JPL planetary scientist Bethany Ehlmann lays out the path ahead in a fascinating conversation. The holiday night sky is alive with stars, planets and even a meteor shower. Bruce Betts will tell all in Whats Up. Our last episode of the year opens with space exploration headlines from the Planetary Societys news digest, The Downlink. Learn more and enter the space trivia contest at https://www.planetary.org/multimedia/planetary-radio/show/2019/1225-2019-bethany-ehlmann-mars.html

Featured Speakers: Planetary scientist Bethany Ehlmann, Planetary Society Chief Scientist Bruce Betts, Host Mat Kaplan

This show was broadcast on December 31, 2019.

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  1. It is clear that Mars remains a mystery. NASA is about to send its new robotic cart, the Mars 2020, which will seek to answer fundamental questions about the red planet, including its current and past life possibilities. It will be a big step in Mars exploration.

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