NATO Is “Brain Dead”. Institutionalized Killing as the “New Normal”

NATO Is “Brain Dead”. Institutionalized Killing as the “New Normal”

NATO’s 70th Birthday Party, in London – the Birthday of a brain-dead child! What a feat!

Global Research, December 07, 2019

“…The clear loser of this event was Trump, and NATO – and of course, Trump’s NATO-puppet, Jens Stoltenberg, the longest serving NATO chief in recent history (since 2014 – and ongoing). One wonders, Stoltenberg, a Norwegian career politician, must have some brains on his own – why does he fight for a lost cause? He, Stoltenberg, knows that Russia and China are not enemies of the west, that they are Washington-invented enemies, because the empire always needs an enemy to continue instigating and fighting wars and conflicts – for the service of its billion-profit-making Armament-Military Industrial complex.

Yes, friends, in our neoliberal, bending towards neo-fascist world, killing is good for business – in fact killing is the biggest single business in the western world.”

“..Another full swing recession is in the making. Extra unnecessary military spending would make it worse. Maybe Europeans will think of spending this ‘extra’ money on opening new relations, new avenues, with the east, Russia, China, Central Asia, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) – an association of countries which will most certainly help prevent Europe from falling into yet another recessionary abyss. China’s Belt and Road may build bridges that will prevent a European recession.

And third, once Europe would be armed to the teeth on behalf of NATO, any talk about a proposed European defense system – Macron’s idea, supported openly or covertly by most EU members – would bite the dust. At least in the foreseeable future. And – having so many weapons and defense mechanisms – means Europe needs an enemy to justify her armament. In this case, Washington thinks, more pressure on Moscow and Beijing would be more palatable by Europe, bringing her again closer into Washington’s orbit.

On the other hand, if democracy would be democracy, and the people of Europe would be asked about their allegiance to NATO, the overwhelming majority, an  average close to 70% would say they want OUT of NATO.”



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