Andre Vltchek on US Empire’s Destabilization Efforts vs. Authentic Revolutions_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Andre Vltchek on US Empire’s Destabilization Efforts vs. Authentic Revolutions

Andre Vltchek’s latest

“All over the world people are rising up!” That’s the superficial view of protesting crowds  in the streets in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Bolivia, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, France, and elsewhere. But are all these situations identical? Is it always the same story: People angered by economic issues, protesting against governmental corruption? Are the people always good, and the governments always bad? And why do some protests get vastly more mainstream media coverage than others?

Today’s guest, globetrotting gadfly Andre Vltchek (check out his new book) has seen many of these situations firsthand. He is familiar with most of the nations where such protests are happening. And he says that there are basically two kinds of protest movements: the authentic ones directed against the bankster-capitalist-run US-NATO neoliberal Empire and its local stooges; and the Empire-funded phony color revolutions and rent-a-mob-driven coup attempts against governments targeted by the Empire.

As I wrote in a forthcoming Crescent International article:

Why are many of the protestors in Hong Kong, Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran lashing out at the wrong targets? Primarily because they are being manipulated by their real oppressors. All of these protests show signs of being infiltrated by CIA-linked networks responsible for the rise of “color revolutions” around the world. CIA color revolutions, given plausible deniability through USAID, NED, and NGO front groups, are a 5thGeneration Warfare (5GW) tactic aimed at pressuring, destabilizing, and overthrowing governments that resist imperial plunder.

The Hong Kong protests are re-using the original color revolution color—black, the symbol of OTPOR, the CIA-sponsored protest movement that overthrew Miloševi? in Serbia. CIA proxies lavished many tens of millions of dollars on OTPOR during the late 1990s, financing the disguised coup that overthrew Miloševi? on 5 October 2000. The same agencies, and presumably some of the same individuals, are undoubtedly behind the Hong Kong riots, whose purpose is to destabilize China on behalf of US imperialism.

The CIA’s OTPOR veterans are obviously present in Lebanon (and presumably Iraq and Iran). Sometimes they don’t even bother to disguise themselves. Consider the photo below taken by Andre Vltchek, which shows a huge a CIA-manufactured OTPOR clenched black fist with the Arabic word thawra (“revolution”)—a stronger version of the Serb otpor (“resistance”).

Someone burned this OTPOR fist after the photo was taken—a good sign!


This show was broadcast on November 28, 2019.

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One Response to “Andre Vltchek on US Empire’s Destabilization Efforts vs. Authentic Revolutions_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Maisoon

    Great listening to Andre- a man of the world though pity he always prefers to dodge the 911 issue
    I agree with him that people in the US no matter how much evidence you give them about the corruption and conspiracies their own governments have carried out against the American people, they are too ‘lazy’ or indifferent to actually do anything about it. Similar here in the UK though citizens here DO go out onto the streets in their thousands whereas in America, it IS a shameful trickle of 100 or so. Guess their Police State Shoot to kill [courtesy of Israeli Police training] and then ask questions later scares them off!
    Americans brag about their [FAKE] democracy and their ‘Values’ but sadly and cowardly, they do NOTHING to protect it en masse. And the few brave righteous souls with some integrity and conscience who dare speak out, are insistently labelled as Conspiracy theorists or home grown dissidents!! That is actually a reflection of most Western countries. In contrast, look at South America and even the Arab nations who have had the courage to go onto the streets and protest, confront the rampant corruption or political/military violence of the leaders installed not through democratic process but installed by Foreign meddling Governments like the UK, America and Israel.
    I strongly believe in true socialism, which we have in Islam also but not the Communist variety which is hypocrisy and can be autocratic. Communism was after all created by Jewish Zionists.
    I hope and pray the Peoples of Latin America will one day succeed in ousting American and Israeli tyranny in their countries and be at last free to look after their own indigenous people , their needs, their rights, their freedoms.
    Thank you Andre for trying to wake up too many still comatosed citizenry who until it huts them personally, in their own ‘backyard’, are unwilling to stand up for what is right for all and not just the few.
    Always a pleasure listening to Andre, thank you Kevin



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