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Joan Mellen on JFK Coup & USS Liberty

Temple University professor Joan Mellen has published twenty-four books; her overriding theme is “the history of the Central Intelligence Agency and its role in the planning and cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.”

In this interview we discuss the JFK assassination, the anniversary of which is one week from tonight, with reference to Joan Mellen’s books:

*Faustian Bargains (about LBJ’s personal hit man Mac Wallace);

A Farewell to Justice (about New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s attempt to prosecute JFK’s killers);

*Blood in the Water (on suspected Kennedy-killer LBJ’s conspiring with Israel to murder hundreds of American sailors to bring the US into the 1967 war).

Though she criticizes Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment regarding its organization and documentation, Joan Mellen does not reject Piper’s thesis—that Israel orchestrated the JFK assassination to save its nuclear program.

“If you are able to read just one book in 2019, I urge it to be Joan Mellen’s Blood in the Water: How the U.S. and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty.”
Richard Falk, “Joan Mellen’s Blood in the Water: How the U.S. and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty,” Foreign Policy Journal, April 1, 2019.


This show was broadcast on November 21, 2019.

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5 Responses to “Joan Mellen on JFK Coup & USS Liberty_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Chris in Cackalacky

    Hey, everyone is putting the puzzle together from his own side of the table. I am no veteran of JFK Truth but I did read Jim Garrison’s, “On the Trail of Assassins,” so I’m not a rank amateur either. And it is important to remember people are coming in at different levels of prior study, so if an interviewer does talk over a guest, interviewer should ask guest to repeat what was trampled. As to Gaeton Fonzi, thanks for the clarification, but I heard his inaudible mention one time. My point is this: Kevin has the potential to be a great interviewer. He’s upbeat, has great guests, speaks clearly and easy to listen to until he feels the need to correct his guest’s entire worldview with his memorized, footnoted. lengthy alternative. It gets on my nerves. That is not the job of an interviewer. If we wanted Kevin’s worldview, he wouldn’t need to bring guests on. I would greatly appreciate if Kevin would elicit his guest’s ideas and unfold them rather than prove he is more enlightened on the matter than his guest. And thank you for your JFK Truth elitism. You’re a real investigator. I suppose you have the entire saga completely rapped up because, hey, it’s only been 55+ years.

  2. yonnik

    Something doesn’t add up here –or does, perhaps. So, Joan wrote a book (? or went to a conference to speak) regarding Garrison. Presuming here, but I was under the impression she regarded Garrison highly. (or, maybe not) However, Garrison stated, “And any time you hear anybody say that John Kennedy, like Lyndon Johnson, had something to do with our getting involved in the war in Vietnam, you are listening to a man who doesn’t know what he is talking about.” What is her judgement re Garrison? We heard her on JFK, and RFK re his motivation and strategy for bringing his brother’s murderers to justice –and one might presume RFK of all people to not underestimate the power he’d be up against. Excuse me if I’m wondering if Joan’s estimation of character, motivation, and geopolitical machination is right up there with her expertise on ships, and the sinking thereof. So she had an unabridged career teaching in academia, including research and teaching on the assassination, but gave up on the latter due to lack of interest by the student body? (or could it have been a lacking in her vision and analysis?) And now wishes to disassociate from the research “community”, preferring to merely “dis” instead? Chooses ad hominem attacks over substantive argument and obsesses over “evidence” (while habitually discounting the circumstantial variety) One might be forgiven wondering, if not an actual disinformation agent, she goes a fair way obviating the need for such.

    And Chris, thanks for your contribution. Regular listeners are well aware of Kevin’s predilections and verbal style without letting small potatoes spoil the feast of information and dialogue he makes available. What’s evident here is your naivete in things JFK. (no sin necessarily) If you’re in fact not aware of Gaeton Fonzi (given ample attention in the interview, incidentally) then your profound misspelling the name will serve well to misdirect other’s genuinely naive and seeking to inform themselves further in the matter.

  3. Chris in Cackalacky

    I enjoyed listening to Joan Mellen and had never heard of her until this interview. My intention is to check out her work and also her recommended reading list. However, as usual Kevin Barrett cannot stop babbling and talked right over Joan’s first recommendation….Dayton Slonzie? I couldn’t catch it because Kevin won’t stop talking. Although I enjoy his work in getting interesting guests with tons to say on his show, it seems Kevin’s primary goal is impressing his guest and listeners with the running bibliography he keeps in his head. When an interview out-talks his guest 4 to 1 in time and verbiage, something is wrong.

  4. yonnik

    I can understand Maisoon’s point of view, a difficult interview to listen to, i.e., separate the wheat from the chaff, as they say. But I did nearly twice, having missed an initail portion live and a few words here and there. Kevin’s patience, humility, and sense of humor rescued it. They say humor is related to intelligence somehow, but it seemed to take Joan forever to catch on to Kevin’s humor. Obviously Joan is an intelligent being, perhaps she can be forgiven for being unfamiliar with Kevin at the start. Or her intelligence has certain limits in the humor area. In any case, it was distubing to hear Joan unable or unwilling to make an effort to give a concise distillation of her own overview of the JFK assasination. As complex and occult as the design of the plot was in many ways, it’s unacceptable that one so studied in the matter would fail or refuse to respond to this essential question. And Joan’s failure to imagine that a plan (to sink USS Liberty) could go afoul and that it should be so “easy” for them to succeed if they had really wanted to… first in the interview she stated she “knew nothing about ships” (paraphrasing) then suddenly she’s an expert in sinking them? She really seemed to want to use the interview to grind personal axes (essentially “gossip” afterall) which I considered chaff while waiting for wheat, but when this seemed to carry over into informing her views on substantive issues such as how JFK’s policies and actions could best be understood and conceptionalized –one wonders has she familiarized herself with Fletcher Prouty’s account of his experience during the JFK administration and for instance NSAM #263? When she referenced Jim Dieugenio’s work it seemed more ad hominem and dismissive than to reflect any real scholarship of her own, but fell back on how she wasn’t “going to accept” what she deemed as some sort of fetish rather than an accurate assessment of JFK’s views on imperialism, political strategies for implementing “revolutionary” policies, or any evolution in personal attitude or philosophy that might have informed his politics. Though young, I was alive and sentient during that period and to give one example proposing to work with the Soviets on space exploration was damn revolutionary, and now we can’t deny knowing–plenty reason alone for many to wish for his execution. As to Joan, and to be fair I’ve never read any of her book’s–only heard her speak via internet shows –but I’m not convinced I would find her books enlightening in a conceptual way, no matter how full of “evidence” they are for things of which I may already have a fair understanding. And that, though potentially fascinating and perhaps furthering my own understanding (conceptional) in ways she may not even know or intend, my concern is that if that were to be the case I would be in effect merely indulging in “gossip.” Having listened to this interview nearly twice as explained, I find that more than twice as long as useful and feel no motivation at this point to compound the issue by picking up one of Joan’s books. Perhaps unfair and have wasted time and breathe here taking revenge for expending undue patience (listened twice!) One can only hope Joan writes better than she interviews, but this one will probably never bother to find out.

  5. maisoon

    Sorry Kevin but anyone who DENIES Israel’s CHIEF involvement on the attack on USS Liberty and trying to pass the blame onto Americans such as Engleton and deny LBJ working with Israeli Mossad re JFK’s assassination, is frankly talking nonsense and defending Israel tho she is quick to deny her support for that entity.
    Israel has its own SURVEILLANCE programme which many a time it has passed on to American Intelligence
    After listening upto 17 minutes I decided to switch off.
    AMERICANS ARE in TOTAL DENIAL if they refuse to BLAME ISRAEL for JFK, USS LIBERTY and 9/11 along with all the other Terrorist attacks perpetrated and executed by Israel’s Mossad Operatives but blamed on ‘Muslims’

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