Rolf Lindgren: Trump Is My President and Will Win in 2020_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Rolf Lindgren: Trump Is My President and Will Win in 2020

This show was broadcast on November 11, 2019.

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4 Responses to “Rolf Lindgren: Trump Is My President and Will Win in 2020_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. maisoon

    Thank you Joe for your kind comments. I had no idea there were people who liked what I had to say and yes it has been a long while since Kevin asked me on. I guess my views on Jews is now too risky and could get strikes against his show but I will not be bullied into silence or capitulation and have stuck to my principled views for years and this will never change, not even by the CANARD Anti Semitic TRICK they use to silence anyone who DARES question their criminality and Crimes against Humanity !!
    I am also glad to see that you share my views bout Lindgren who does alas spout a load of nonsense with very little to back anything up other than his own personal take on how he sees Trump ‘saving America’ when s you know, America is in perpetual war with many countries, commits war crimes around the world, and America is BANKRUPT with things getting worse under Trump, highest deficit ever with a real threat of Recession looming. And the only group that truly suffers are ordinary hard working Americans being played and duped by all their successive Governments, Congress and Senate Critters along with their propaganda tools that they call their Media and the Criminals within that are in many instances, Enemies of the USA, such as CIA, Military and Government Officials, treasonous to the very core and who should be locked up.
    America is in urgent need of a real Peoples’ Revolution where they can declare enough is enough and no more wars for Israel, no more serving the interests of a Foreign Entity that ahs imposed its political,’religious’, financial and moral policies on the people of America who sadly are still in a coma of their own choosing, Sheeple taken to slaughter by their corrupt Leaders of which Trump is one as were LB Johnson, Clinton, Bush Clan and Obama all working for their Masonic Cult.

    Without realising it fully Americans have lost their freedom and their Constitution attacked and on its way out being replaced by something dark and undemocratic backed by Noahide Laws and Cults.
    We have the same scenario here too in the UK sadly along with all the Zionist Arab Puppet Leaders installed by Colonialists of UK and Israel and protected by America.
    All the best Joe and thank you again. I have to thank Kevin and Allan for the times they have allowed me on and given me a much needed VOICE that the MSM and even some other fake controlled Alternative Media deny people like me who have strong views that is not the norm or politically acceptable to those running the United States of USSRAEL.

  2. Joe in San Francisco

    I usually listen to Kevin’s interviews two or more times. Not so when it’s Rolf. He spouts so much nonsense that he doesn’t even bother to validate. Kevin did give him some pushback, but mostly it was kindhearted and jocular. Normally, Kevin would question his serious interviewees with more rigor and demand that they cough up proof of what’s being affirmed. But Rolf goes on and on making statements that would never stand up to normal conspiracy-buff standards.

    And Maisoon, I miss your appearances on Kevin’s show of late. Too bad you have to stay up until all hours to participate!

  3. maisoon

    Trump is one big Zionist Propaganda tool. The Simpsons Cartoon predicted his presidency [as they did 9/11 ] back in the 1990s and be warned because the every same Simpsons also in one of their episodes showed Grump being assassinated. So keep that in mind because all these puppets that blindly serve are all expendable political fodder just as Soldiers are cannon fodder to their Military Machine- they are used, abused and then discarded, joining the many who prove surplus to requirements.
    Trump set the ball rolling with his Jerusalem declaration and assisted Israel in its plans to resurrect its Blood Sacrifice Pagan Temple which Putin also has promised to assist Israel in re building.
    He has completely dismissed the rights of Palestinians with Kushner’s farcical Deal of the Century that only serves Jewish interests but I guess Lindgren doe snot give a damn about that as long as Trump makes America great again- that is for the privileged Few and not the many!!

  4. maisoon

    Not even worth listening to this dumb ass- so programmed and blind as are all these indoctrinated Americans who support Judeo Zionist Trump- Israel’s new Cyrus!!

    America was never great. America lives on perpetual Wars and bloodshed, bombs, invades, occupies, Terrorises, carries out Coups and Assassinations against world leaders that don’t fit in to their Judeo Zionist Israeli Agenda.

    Since its inception, America has stolen the lands and Nations of the original indigenous Peoples, usurped their Leadership, pillaged and exploited their resources upon which they made their wealth on the blood and tears of millions they murdered, tortured, maimed and imprisoned, and waged illegal wars that have Holocausted millions of innocent souls.
    Lindgren is unbelievably dumb for a Libertarian [hijacked by many Jews who infiltrate all Parties] and anyone who in anyway supports Trump and his farcical make America great again really needs to wake up from their Zionist stupor and realise Cyrus Trump is actually serving Israel and its Empire which Trump has total allegiance to.
    TRUMP is NOT taking on the Military Industrial Complex nor the Deep State as HE is a willing Cog in their Machine. He is PART of all this, a puppet who cannot think for himself, speak for himself or even blow his own nose as his strings are attached and pulled b y his Jewish Tribal Handlers.
    Nothing that comes out of his mouth is his own. He is a programmed MK Ultra Matrix Cog.
    ISRAEL already has decided the success of Trump in 2020. US Elections are rigged, not democratic at all and none of the carefully selected and mentored Candidates actually serve America but are mandated to swear allegiance to Israel that dictates all their policies.
    Trump is a mentally challenged man with autistic leanings and is a sexual deviant which I suspect has provided sufficient blackmail material for the Jewish Deep State that he has subjugated himself to and which his Jewish daughter and her virulent Israeli Firster husband serves to make ISRAEL great and replace America as the future Super Power.
    Trump will be used to bring down America,cause serious civil war divisions and as they already have done morally politically and financially bankrupt America, transferring all her wealth and military advancements to Eretz Israel.
    Trump is just another figure head puppet doing the bidding for his Jewish Handlers within America and more importantly for the Sanhedrin rabbis in Israel



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