The Inexplicable Science of the Shroud

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This is the last show QMR is doing for No Lies Radio. I’m taking a sabbatical from producing/hosting in order to write my second book, a soul searching project which examines the spiritual solutions for a world gone awry and for a people who must face and grapple with conditions such as engineered weather, chemical aerosol spraying and the toxicity it produces, Agenda 21 in the form of globalism – a planned control grid for the world’s resources including land, water, produce, minerals, creatures and humans who are seen as a business resource, the engineering of societies away from national governance to centralized global governance through the machinations of the U.N. and associative organizations such as CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and gatherings such as Bohemian Grove. The plan for global governance is rooted, I firmly believe based on my research for QMR, in the Luciferian religion which is being planned by those in this power structure as the basis of a global religion. Whether you, yourself, are religious or not this would affect you and affect your children. Luciferianism is practiced in secret societies such as the Masons, and in philosophies such as Theosophy, or in Theosophical offshoots such as that of Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) whose other organization World Good Will is in charge of the United Nations New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals also known as Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. This Agenda, I believe is Luciferian at it’s base and this can be observed in the writings of Alice Bailey the founder of Lucis (Lucifer) Trust. There is much evidence that false flags such as 9/11 and others have occult symbology related to them. Whistle blower William (Bill) Cooper did an in depth research into the secrets of the Luciferian secret society religion in his Mystery Babylon series on his short wave radio broadcast in the nineties and up to 9/11. During this series he read directly about the Luciferian doctrine and ‘The Plan’ which we know as the New World Order, reading from Masonic, Rosicrucian and related writings he exposed what was otherwise secret and exposed the hidden plan to take over the world based on this Luciferian doctrine. I believe the real perpetrators of 9/11 are adherents to this doctrine, George Bush Sr. has exhibited clear signs of this by his membership in Skull and Bones as well as his promotion of the New World Order and, of course, many other connections could be sited, as with his son George W. Bush. To begin to recognize the occult basis for that which we oppose, for globalism, for false flags, for Agenda 21 and all that is related to it, I believe is foundational to understanding what is happening. Yet understanding this does not appear to have the ultimate power to combat it. I believe we are genuinely in a spiritual battle and that we need spiritual power. One thing I have observed through my research is that Luciferians abhor genuine Christians who turn to Jesus for help and Jesus Christ as a savior. They DO place Jesus in a ‘high office’ of sorts, something which appears to be a placation while at the same time endeavoring to slowly yet severely alter Biblical scripture itself while challenging the historic authenticity of the life of Jesus. Luciferians group Jesus in with a collection of ‘ascended masters’ some of whom are ‘channeled’ in their writings. Jesus was said to have been ‘channeled’ for the Course in Miracles which is the basis for all of the writings of presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. The originators and background of A Course in Miracles can be tied to MK Ultra when one examines its actual history. Marianne Williamson promotes the New Green Deal which is in fact the U.S. arm of the United Nations Agenda 21 or the New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals AKA Agenda 2030. As one researches, one begins to see the Luciferian web, the connections, the tie ins.
Having said all of this, several months ago I came across decades long scientific research into the Shroud of Turin. It has baffled scientists as the image on the Shroud is a negative and the positive can only be seen on a photographic negative of a photograph of the Shroud image which reveals the positive. There is three dimensional information in the Shroud, something which a photograph or painting or drawing cannot produce. The blood and the pollen evidence of the Shroud are far, far beyond court level evidence quality data. I believe the Shroud may reveal the genuine truth about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and that knowing this a Power to combat the New World Order and to guide one through, the effects of its attempted development, can be accessed. I believe Luciferians at the top know this and that this is why there is such a strong attempt to alter the meaning of the life of Jesus….I now believe they don’t want people to directly access this Power.
The Pope is in direct alignment with Luciferians at the U.N. as he directed Catholics to follow the dictates of the Luciferian run (Lucis/Lucifer Trust’s World Goodwill) U.N. New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals. In addition the Vatican telescope in Arizona is named, by the Vatican, the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope. There IS a connection. The Pope stated that, “It is dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”
Obviously the Catholic Church has jurisdiction over the Shroud which is in Turin, Italy not the Vatican, yet I believe much which is authentic has survived through the ‘first church’, the Catholic Church and that the vast majority of Catholics are good people, however, I also believe at the top there is much corruption. An argument could also be made that there was an effort to falsify the first carbon dating of the Shroud as the corner of the cloth to be tested was cut from an area corrupted with Medieval interwoven cotton as a repair. Fortunately, fibers were retained and many years later the false report was exposed by one of the original scientists who did the original dating. He attempted to research this in order to defend the original findings and found that objections to the original carbon dating were in fact correct.
I believe the Shroud is genuine and conveys inexplicable scientific realities which affirm the Biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and I believe that because Jesus offered instant grace, rather than earned ‘spiritual advancement’ and ‘knowledge’ something which initiations, hierarchies and secret societies offer, that a personal relationship with Jesus is considered a danger to the Luciferian plan.
That is why I am writing a book.
Yours truly and thank you for your years of support!
Pamela Senzee
Updates and new information will be posted at and I may post an occasional podcast on the site as well so, please, keep checking in. Eventually I will post a site for the new book and contact info for that site so do keep in touch. If you are interested in direct updates just email me at and I’ll send occasional updates when I post new info.
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