Nuclear #Opstein: Cantor Fitzgerald, Duronin, MMA Special Forces, and the other Maxwell Daughters_on The Antedote

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Nuclear #Opstein: Cantor Fitzgerald, Duronin, MMA Special Forces, and the other Maxwell Daughters

 The global Jeffrey Epstein criminal operation is about much much more than just sexual compromise. On this episode of the Antedote we detail several examples of how this extends into multiple areas of vital importance

Topics discussed;
-Howard Lutnick: Billionaire CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, donor to both Trump and Clinton, and neighbor to Epstein who’s company saw 658 people die on September 11th while Lutnick conveniently was not at the World Trade Center.
-The possibility of Epstein related activities being used as fronts for drug and weapons smuggling
-Vladislav Doronin: referred to as The “Russian Donald Trump, ex-boyfriend of Epstein flight log subject Naomi Campbell, and his relationships with Epstein and Marc Rich
-Igor Zinoviev: Epstein’s longtime bodyguard who is also an ex MMA fighter and member of Soviet special forces.
-Christine and Isabel Maxwell: Twin daughters of Robert Maxwell and their work on behalf of Israeli technological endeavors

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Special thanks to Josh Reeves for his work in connecting Vladislav Doronin to the Epstein operation

Wexner Epstein, Robert Meister, AON Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, 9/11
(AON server maintenance days before 9/11)
(Keith Meister, brother)
Leon Black, Doronin
(Josh Reeves on Doronin, Naomi Campbell, Epstein)
[Josh Reeves]
(Naomi Campbell Doronin)
(Epstein’s Soviet Special Forces/SWAT/Judo Driver/Bodyguard)
(Zinoviev, Soviet SpecOps, Alex Reznick)
(Alex Reznick, Russian MIlitary)
(Reznick, Russian Special Forces, Gyms in Moscow Ritz, Tel Aviv where most of his family lives)
(Taubman, Fisher, Wexner etc)
(Riklis, Wexner)
(Fisher etc.)
(Barry Diller, Charles Bludhorn, Paramount)
(Bludhorn, Kissinger)
(Max Fisher scandal)
(Dal-Tex, David Weisblat, Morris Jaffe, Morty Freedman, George Mandel, Tibor Rosebaum, Bronfman, etc)
(Uranium, Jaffe, Atomic Energy Commission, Dal-Tex)
(DISC, DISCO, General Dynamics)
(DISC, Lilienthal)
(Bronfman, Fisher, Permindex etc)
(Atomic Energy Commission, Lazard, New Orleans)
(Search Bluhdorn, Korshak)
(Ghislaine talking to Russian oligarch for escape plan?)
(Netanyahu, Fred Trump, Chabad, Bunny Lindenbaum)
(Rosenstiel, Bunny Lindenbaum, Fred Drumpf)
(Koor, Talpiot etc)
(Ted Arison, Israeli Banking etc)
(IAI, 9/11, ATASCO) (Ghislaine Maxwell TerraMar, intro Pilot, EMT, Submarine operator)
(Bronfman, Checkpoint)
(Look for Maxwell’s “Chilliad”)
-Parsons was Crowleyite and consultant to the Israeli rocket program
(Parsons smuggled Hughes papers while working for Israeli government
(High level KGB Israeli mole)
(Al Seckel timeline)

This encore show was broadcast on August 20, 2019.

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