US, allies using terrorists as tool to balkanize Syria: Analyst

Tues August 20, 2019
Press TVThe Debate

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Having failed to seize control of Syria, the US and its allies have switched to a “plan B” and are using the militants they support in the Arab country to advance their goal of breaking Syria into pieces, an analyst tells Press TV.

Janice Kortkamp, independent researcher and journalist based in the US state of Virginia, told Press TV’s The Debate program on Monday that the US and its allies —including the UK and Saudi Arabia — “were literally fomenting and manufacturing sectarian distrust” and violence in Syria to undermine the Damascus government.

“There have been two plans. Plan A was to take full control of Syria and this is why the political opposition was so supported by the West. And the other plan B — once plan A failed — was to basically balkanize Syria and rip it into small sectarian-based states,” Kortkamp said.

“This is a typical colonial strategy that has been used for a long time. So, Syria had to battle plan A first and then plan B next,” she added. “And this is what is really taking place… the goal is to weaken Syria,” which has been pursued by the pro-Israeli lobby to enable the Tel Aviv regime to “expand in the region and do whatever it wants to do with the Palestinians.”

“And for that goal it was necessary to weaken the whole …. swathes of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon,” the analyst stated.

The vast majority of Syrians, she added, supported the army against “this very obvious and orchestrated regime change coup attempt against the sovereignty of their country.”

“The CIA was training activists from 2006 to 2010 and spent millions of dollars training the so-called activists and journalists to be ready to present all these false stories,” she said.

She lashed out at “the regimes of the West that have been literally ripping the Middle East apart, destroying their economies with sanctions, killing the people and creating a refugee crisis.”

The journalist further said that “the US has to pull out completely from Syria. All the other illegal occupiers, including Turkey and Israel of course have to pull out of Syria.”

Kortkamp also labeled Turkey as “a primary supporter” of many terrorist groups in Syria by allowing “mercenary” terrorists to come in through their country into Syria.


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