Paradise Lost: What the California Fires Have Revealed About New World Order Weapons, Design, Occult Religion and More – With Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is a preeminent researcher into the strange anomalies of the California fires as well as the bizarre policies they are generating. After years as a Wall Street analyst he experienced an awakening to the realization that he could no longer work on Wall Street and live with a clear conscience, so he left. His life transformation led him into an examination of the world around him and he began to explore the chemtrail phenomenon, authoring the book
Geoengineering aka Chemtrails: Investigations into Humanities 6th Great Extinction Event. Jamie became a very popular YouTuber with videos reaching tens of thousands of hits but YT took his channel down during the start of the wave of sweeping censorship we are now all familiar with. Jamie’s experience with censorship took place at the height of his research into what happened in the Paradise fires while building his journalistic series Paradise Lost. This series is now available on a back up channel at A Plane Truth 3, just type in ‘Paradise’ once on the channel in order to view the series.
Jamie’s CA fire research is deep and revealing, he lives there, he is plugged into the communities, he goes directly to the sites, speaks directly to the people and he reports what the people themselves are reporting to him. According to some citizens coming forward, who are witnesses, the anomalies strongly point to directed energy being used in many of these fires, one of these witnesses includes Fire Captain John Lord. Homes burned to the ground to white ash while trees around them survive lush and growing.  People have witnessed and recorded beams of light, generally blue beams which seem to correlate with ignition. There is also an occult aspect which Jamie and others have observed. In today’s show we’ll talk about all of this and much, much more!
How do homes get burned to white ash, to their foundation while leaving
the surrounding greenery lush?
Maybe these citizens are recording something that can explain
the bizarre anomalies – DEW
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This show was broadcast on August 19, 2019.

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