Vladislav Krasnov on Jewish-Gentile Relations..and Ron Unz’s Strategy for Defeating the Monologic Media__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Vladislav Krasnov on Jewish-Gentile Relations..and Ron Unz’s Strategy for Defeating the Monologic Media

Vladislav Krasnov writes:

“Dear Kevin,

“This is to invite you and your readers/listeners to a debate on Jewish-Gentile relations that my article ‘Ron Unz’s Strategy for the Alt-Media to Defeat the Mainstream Media Is Brilliant’ generated on the pages of Russia-Insider. 

“So far there are over 150 comments, and it is good as far as hits are concerned. However, I’ve noticed a negative dynamics because emotional negativism toward Jews seems to predominate. I can understand that the anger toward Jews in general is, at least, partially understandable and perhaps justifiable. However, I am convinced that all Jews are not alike. Moreover, the number of Jews who challenge Zionism, especially its current pro-Netanyahu trend, is growing. Some Jews are even more forthright about secretive Jewish shenanigans than the alleged ‘anti-Semitic’ authors of The Protocols of the Wizards of Zion were.

“Therefore I feel that it is incumbent upon us– the ‘Whites’, Gentiles, Christian, Muslim, and secular non-Jews–to respond in kind and welcome such dissident Jews as Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir (whom I know more), Ron Unz, Brother Nathanael Kapner and several more into the community of truth-seekers.

And you are the person who is best qualified and positioned to do so. You’re converted Muslim familiar with Christianity. And you are a secular scholar. You work well with Veterans today and a regular author of Ron Unz’s site. What is personally very important to me, you know who Bakhtin, Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn are. You know that Russians were able to overcome Marxist-Leninist ideological and political monopoly (‘monologue’) via a dialogue and actually polyphony of many dissident authors as soon as glasnost was established. In the US we should be able to stave off the monologic tendency of Big Media by letting Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other genuine dissidents to speak up. And that’s what you are doing at TruthJihad Radio.”

Dr. Vladslav Krasnov (also known as Wladislaw “George” Krasnow) of RAGA.org was a dissident in the former Soviet Union, where deviating from the official Communist Party line was a serious thoughtcrime. He defected to Sweden and then the United States in the 1960s, earned a doctorate in Russian Literature at the University of Washington, and has written three books and worked for many leading think tanks and government agencies.


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This show was broadcast on August 14, 2019.

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One Response to “Vladislav Krasnov on Jewish-Gentile Relations..and Ron Unz’s Strategy for Defeating the Monologic Media__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. maisoon

    Jews don’t only have great influence in Communism and Bolshevik movement – they actually CREATED it and it is part and parcel with Zionism
    Anyone who denies the disproportionate influence and control of Jews and their Talmudic Noahide Laws in Governments, Politicians and Media does not stand for truth at all.
    I will never stop pointing out this very important and factual point.
    Jews cause problems internally in all the countries they live in which causes Gentiles to rebel against their expanding control and shenanigans that corrupt Communities and turn Societies into an immoral abyss. Look how many millions they slaughtered in Russia and then instigated both WW1 and WW2.
    They are INCITERS, Criminals and not the real Victims- Gentiles are .
    Funny how your guests never talk about ANTI GENTIISM by Jews. All we get ad nauseum is Anti Semitism – a Ruse Jews use to silence any and all criticism against them that are justified and based on their incessant Crimes against Humanity and their supremacist racist ideology.
    I feel no sympathy for them at all and they indeed have a lot to answer for for their sick Talmudic Cult and immorality.
    The EMNITY has always been from the Jews and when Gentiles retaliate, Gentiles are accused of Racism, Anti Semitism etc…
    Jews don’t give a damn about Humanity. They just care about domination and enslavement of Gentiles- it IS in their Talmud!
    So am sick of hearing about all this inter faith dialogue mumbo jumbo!! All phony on their side as they deceive Gentiles.
    Solzhenitsyn never had anything good to say about Jews, warning people about the dangers these people represent to our world.
    Russians are living in denial about just how much Harm and Crimes Jews have done against Russians and other people in the world



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