“5G is the new glyphosate” and “the power of fearlessness.”

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST:  “5G is the new glyphosate” and “the power of fearlessness.”

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This show was broadcast on August 7, 2019.

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3 Responses to ““5G is the new glyphosate” and “the power of fearlessness.””

  1. Alberta Vince

    Interesting show!

    The basic fundamental of unraveling truth is to apply logic, through and through. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s not worth teaching or promulgating. How can anyone teach others about something that he/she doesn’t understand him/herself? The very art of teaching is to explain things in logical terms so as to make those things “make sense” … right? Non-sense is not logical.

    The idea of a monolithic God who created everything and yet, at the same time is dissatisfied with what he created, is in competition with his own creation and is even JEALOUS of his own creation and puts blame of imperfections on what he’s created … is completely illogical. You either fix it or scrap it and start over, if you’re not satisfied with the results of your creation. Only an idiot takes a hammer to his (attempted) creation and expects it to improve.

    The idea that everything was created through the process of evolution -that intelligent order somehow developed out of chaos without any kind of intelligent intervention and protection- defies the law of entropy. You might see the face of Jesus formed in a cloud one day, for example, but in a very short time, it dissipates … never to reappear in the same form to be further developed. Brief instances of creation do occur from time to time but such creations are always destroyed as quickly as they were created. They never build into anything more complex than their initial occurrence unless some external force intervenes to protect and selectively aid in development.

    If we creatures developed a highly structured table of dna instructions to replicate ourselves … how is it that we have no conscious memory of doing it? How can evolution by itself, structure anything? This does not compute or make logical sense.

    Neither does the concept of us BEING the “gods” who created ourselves and all of our reality … make any more sense than the theory of evolution for creation … because if we DID it … then why don’t we have any memory of doing any of it?

    Unless …

    Let’s try to put it into a logical context.

    Since all religions have the element of “gods” in their belief system, (and even Scientology has thetans) … and we have MANY reports of UFO’s and aliens … and reports on near-death experiences … let’s assume that there’s some truth to all of that (since it’s so widely reported and spoken about).

    Suppose that gods DO exist but exist in a plane of pure intelligence and energy without any material form or capability. Suppose that they got very bored with their “divine” existence where, they could do magical manipulations at will but had no material satisfaction or permanence from anything they did or do except for temporary tricks that lasted only until another entity came along and destroyed it with his own tricks.

    So they collaborated and created a system of materialism where magic couldn’t exist and/but “laws of nature” and physics governed everything that happened.

    They created biological robots that could live and function by having these entities existing inside of them and guiding them. In other words, they created humans who would live with the spirit of a given god dwelling inside each of them.

    The caveat though, for such a “marriage” of deity and biological robot was that … the entities who became spirit souls would have to give up all psychokinetic capabilities … and even MEMORIES of having and manipulating such powers. It would simply create too much chaos and destruction in the material realm if any of them happened to get mad or mischevious and unleash their power!

    Another caveat was that the gods in their energy plane would NOT be allowed to interfere with the human material realm … UNLESS they were invited to do so by humans themselves. They could plant thoughts -yes- but not physically intervene with any kind of supernatural power. The humans had been given complete jurisdiction of their own material realm and there would be NO interfering in their affairs … unless humans asked for or invited it to happen.

    If all of the above happens to be true, then Hummux is “correct” in that WE … “did it”!~ It would explain why we wouldn’t have any memory of doing it though.

    It would suggest that the gods out there are no smarter than us because we ARE gods ourselves.

    It might explain and confirm Kevin’s belief that we are here to prove something: maybe on how to get along with each other?

    But yeah, I think both of you are on the right track. If there’s anything in our mortal existence that matters, it’s connection, relationship, meaningful communication with each other, being co-operative (instead of endlessly competing and destroying each other) … and being CREATIVE. All of that requires a good deal of forgiveness.

    And of course, having plenty of sex so that new robots can be born to be inhabited by the billions of gods out there who are still waiting for THEIR turn to become human!

  2. yonnik

    The info I’ve heard is that Israel is specifically not deploying 5G infrastructure. And to preclude any “need” to do so they are extensively installing fiber optic infrastructure. Now why would that be the case? Combine that with Israeli technical/cyber security/”backdooring” primacy (through Talpiot, etc.) and you have a situation that should invite examination.

  3. yonnik

    Kevin, jsut heard your discussion of Poison Ivy. Love your propensity to stimulate dialogue on political issues and appreciate your search for truth. Never been terribly impressed with your grasp of science issues–but that’s never been your avowed specialty. But was always glad to hear you were doing your own gardening and apparent interest in healthy food (?) if only as a personal matter. But that concept came crashing down hearing you spray “..chemicals” to eradicate poison ivy on a regular basis. If you did a minimal search for information about safe and effective measures to counter poison ivy there is plenty of info readily available and I’m hoping (but have doubt) the strong chemicals you reference might be detergent (as surfactant) and salt water to kill (but not effective to remove rash threat arising from plant oils) If in fact you are spraying Roundup or any other strong chemical herbicide you are part of the problem as well as your own worst enemy.



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