Thomas Willcutts refutes libertarianism a.k.a. “anarcho-capitalism”__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST:  Thomas Willcutts refutes libertarianism a.k.a. “anarcho-capitalism”

Thomas Willcutts

“’Government’ is the methodology by which any given human society – 1) Creates the rules of the society; 2) Interprets the rules and adjudicates disputes concerning the rules; 3) Enforces the rules of society.”
Second hour: Thomas Willcutts argues that pro-capitalist libertarians are wrong: scaling back government just intensifies corporate tyranny. He writes:

He argues that anarcho-libertarianism “does not do away with government – it privatizes it. Laws will no longer be created by legislative bodies – they will become a creature of private contracts. Laws will no longer be interpreted and adjudicated in courts of law, as those functions will be taken over by for-profit, private arbitration fora. And finally, the laws will no longer be enforced by the police functions of the State, but instead they will be enforced by ‘PDAs’ – private defense agencies. This book will compare and contrast these functions of government when operated under Public Law vs. Private Law. As set forth in the Title, the conclusion reached herein is that privatization of government is a formula for a tyrannical corporate dystopia.”

40 minutes into the hour, libertarian Rolf Lindgren calls in with a different view.

Thomas Willcutts has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Philosophy from Rice University, and he is a trial attorney by profession, where he specializes in representing individuals in securities fraud cases against the major banks of Wall Street.  Willcutts has had a life-long interest in political philosophy, and he frequently engages in on-line debates and discussions on this topic, several of which can be found on YouTube, including here, here, and here.


This show was broadcast on July 31, 2019.

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