Pope Calls for ‘Global Leader’ to Implement UN Agenda 21; He is Aligned With Luciferians in Charge of Agenda 21 at the UN, are Some Leaders in the Truth Movement Advocating a Spiritual Philosophy Which Lines up With Plans for a ‘Global Religion’?_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Pope Calls for ‘Global Leader’ to Implement UN Agenda 21; He is Aligned With Luciferians in Charge of Agenda 21 at the UN, are Some Leaders in the Truth Movement Advocating a Spiritual Philosophy Which Lines up With Plans for a ‘Global Religion’?

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The Pope has recently declared that the nations of the world need a ‘supranational world leader’ in order to implement the United Nations New Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Agenda 21. So we have the leader of the world’s Catholics aligning with those in charge of the UN SDGs who are Luciferians (SDGs are run by World Goodwill founded by Lucis Trust formerly Lucifer Trust), and from this alignment (another term could be union) calling for a global leader with legal authority over all nations. Really??? It’s curious that the Pope is endeavoring to blur the edges of not only national sovereignty but also of religion, as evidenced by his recent creation of a ‘logo’ for ‘Chrislam‘, a merger between Christianity and Islam. Lucis Trust itself is active in implementing a global or world religion, because the writings of their founder Alice Bailey, state quite clearly that there ‘will be’ what she called a ‘coming world religion’. So what does Zeitgeist and David Icke have to do with all of this? Well, Zeitgeist filmmaker Peter Joseph has gone on to found the Zeitgeist Movement which has amassed millions in support of Agenda 21 like cities, called The Venus Project, developed theoretically by futurist Jacque Fresco. The first Zeitgeist film attempted to present the historical Jesus as an actual myth based on astrology and as a copy cat story repeated over and over again in ancient times. This assertion has been roundly and thoroughly debunked but it still perpetuates through people like Jordan Maxwell and David Icke, why? Could it be that there are leaders in the ‘Truth Movement’ who are intended to draw us in by examining issues we are already drawn to while at the same time lulling us into a spiritual or philosophical mindset that is ‘harmonious’ with the Luciferian agenda? People would certainly be more easily led and controlled if they all adhered to various religious thought/philosophies that would fall under the umbrella of a NWO religion. Is this what is happening? Remember, the first Zeitgeist film included a powerful 9/11 truth segment, many truthers jumped on board but once they were all on the ship Peter Joseph, the filmmaker, said he was ‘distancing himself’ from 9/11 truth. Icke still asserts a LOT of the issues we are interested in, 9/11 truth, agenda 21, 5G, and on and on and on, but at the same time he is asserting a spiritual world view which appears to align with what adherents to a global Luciferian religion would want. Is there a deeper reason? Icke debunker Chris White also connects Icke and his channelings and spiritual teachings with Alice Bailey, though Icke himself won’t admit such a connection. Please watch the entire Chris White debunking films (below) on Zeitgeist and Icke and follow up with your own researchI’ll be doing a lot more shows in this area, it’s a field of research which must be examined and exposed, especially with so much deception and so many leading figures who say one thing and seem to represent another…for instance, the Pope!
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