The Saker on National Zionism, Venezuela, and the Twilight of Empire_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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The Saker on National Zionism, Venezuela, and the Twilight of Empire

The Saker is a former NATO military analyst, now a leading alternative media commentator. In this interview we discuss “The Great Fraud of National Zionism” and “The Breathtaking Weakness of the Empire” as displayed in Venezuela. Bottom line: “The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945. The inability to break the will of the people of Venezuela is only the latest symptom of this mind-boggling weakness.”

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This show was broadcast on May 9, 2019.

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One Response to “The Saker on National Zionism, Venezuela, and the Twilight of Empire_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. yonnik

    In keeping with the idea that the neo-zio-con’s actions are guided by their incompetence and ideology, when Saker stated concern that initiation of a futile war on Iran could trigger “End of Empire”, the immediate chilling thought occurred: this could be one of the primary multi-purposed motivations on the part of the Israeli Zionists. Perhaps an obvious point, but since the drift of the question was why would the neo-con Zionists go along with (or maybe more accurately be so heavily manipulated) by Israeli “partners”. So America, which the Zionists brag about their intentions and actions to “bring to their knees”, gets used to attack Iran and simultaneously destroy itself, and bring down America’s potential to put limits on Israeli criminal international activity.

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