Libra Giant Equinox Supermoon: Get Ready For A Huge Energy Shift

Conscious Reminder – By Staff – March 17, 2019

Libra Giant Equinox Supermoon Get Ready For A Huge Energy Shift

20th March brings such a massive energy surge – so make sure that you have strapped on your seatbelts. The Libra Full moon will be occurring on that date, but that’s not all.

The Full Moon is coinciding with the Equinox – so, it is going to be a sight to watch in the night sky. And there will be loads of energy coming our way too.

The Libra Supermoon during the March Equinox is a rare occurrence. When there is a supermoon, the moon comes close to the earth and sends her energy down to us.

Get ready to have your emotions on the twister during this supermoon. The sun is still in Pisces, but Libran energy is the opposite of Pisces. There will be a competition between the Piscean energy of this year which is sensitive and dreamy and the rational and judicious nature of Libra. This will make all different kinds of energy to come in contact with you and so, you have to choose to either embrace it and grow, or fight it.

During this period, you should not let emotions get the better of you and end up ruining your relationships. Rather, you should go out and take a step towards making peace with the important people you have broken up with – your family or friends.

The relationship between a parent and a child will be the highlight during this period so you have to honor the relationship and do your part to strengthen it. When we are in the process of mental and spiritual growth, we need the comfort and support of our close friends and family.

The Libra Supermoon also bring you back home. You would crave for security and nothing could be more secure than your own home. So, get on your couch, spread a blanket on your legs and start binging a Netflix show? Let go of any stress.

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