Bibi Indicted: Is Trump Next? And Zeroing in On Psy Group

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The Antidote

A History of ADL_BNai BRith Subversion

We are back with our first new episode in four weeks! After beginning with a brief update on Jeremy’s court case resulting from being arrested while questioning Dennis Ross at the Kansas City Library in May 2016, we discuss the recent indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu and why the same forces that are trying to bring down Donald Trump are also working against Netanyahu. We close by detailing how the Mueller investigation is zeroing in on the funding of the Israeli private Intel company PsyGroup, and how this money trail appears to tie together Israel, Russia, and the global Zionist organized crime syndicate behind Trump.
Craig Unger on Manafort, Lucicle and Mogilevich:
[AnteDote] Milchan, Vajna, Orban, Grand Bargain Global Collusion:
[AnteDote] Erik Prince, Israel, Cerberus etc:
[AnteDote] 12-18-17 “Erik Prince’s Israel Ties, Israel and The Left/Right Split, and Trump Chess Theories”:
[AnteDote] 9/11 to 11/9 Series – Netanyahu, NYC, Trump, Silverstein, Eisenberg, Lauder, Manafort, Greenberg, CNI, Kissinger, Simes, Eurasian Organized Crime, Kosher Nostra, Talpiot, Barak etc:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Unlucky Larry Silverstein, Steve Witkoff & Chabad Howard Lorber redux:
Robert Young Pelton PsyGroup thread:
Lincoln’s Bible on McCabe, Mogilevich, Mob etc.
Dena Grayson on PsyGroup, Cyprus, Mueller, Joel Zamel, Rick Gates, George Birnbaum (Arthur Finkelstein)

This encore show was broadcast on March 5, 2019.

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