Randy Short on Marzieh and Gone2Far.org; Eric Zuesse on Venezuela__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Randy Short on Marzieh and Gone2Far.org; Eric Zuesse on Venezuela

First hour: Randy Short joins the Truth Jihad to celebrate the return of Marzieh Hashemi to Tehran…and to discuss Gone2Far.org, a “bi-partisan, interracial, interfaith, and a nationwide collection of Americans who want to protect and preserve faith, family, freedom, traditional values, and to counter the movement to legalize pedophilia.”

The Gone Too Far Movement specifically targets Equality Act H.R. 2282, which it calls “a dangerous, irresponsible, outlandish, morally perverse, and socially deleterious legislation. The Equality Act poses a direct threat to religious freedom and the dignity of Blacks and women by blending the immutability of sex and race with radical-LGBTQ theories, and H.R. 2282 aims to amend 59 existing federal laws and regulations. GTFM believes that H.R. 2282 if passed, will create a dangerous legal precedent creating social chaos and legal loopholes permitting reverse discrimination, and it has the potential to establish legal protections for previously illegal sexual practices and conduct.”

Second hour: Eric Zuesse returns to discuss the US-sponsored coup attempt against Venezuela. In his latest article he writes:

Venezuela’s Constitution simply does not permit what U.S. President Trump is demanding, which is overthrowing and replacing the elected Venezuelan President by the second-in-line-of succession. What Trump demands is comparable in Venezuela to, in America, removing Trump and skipping over the Vice President and appointing Nancy Pelosi as America’s President, and it also violates the Venezuelan Constitution’s requirement that the Supreme Judicial Tribunal must first approve before there can be ANY change of the President without an election by the voters.



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4 Responses to “Randy Short on Marzieh and Gone2Far.org; Eric Zuesse on Venezuela__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. No to nwo


  2. No to nwo

    Don’t see/hear anything wrong in what Kevin had done. Both of you above are being unkind.

  3. Ron Chandler

    Jeez, Kevin, you fucked up that interview ROYALLY! You cut across Eric, never let him speak, until it was too damn late to examine OBL’s bag-man. Remember? What the bloody POINT was? I hope you learnt something. We KNOW you’re a 9-11 mensch, there’s no need to rub it in!

  4. maisoon

    Wonderful honesty to facts- Truth to Power Randy! I agree with you 100% and pity Kevin went into ‘defensive’ mode when Randy was exposing the terrible Crimes of the white guy killing African Americans. Why the reluctance Kevin just because you don’t know enough- surely that IS why you have such guests who may KNOW more about certain Topics that you may not know anything about or even interested in. Randy KNOWS his stuff and is a MORAL VOICE rarely heard in mainstream America



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