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Soil Not Oil, Special and Mushrooms, Bees, and Saving the World, 2018

Vandana Shiva: Soil Not Oil, Special –As we are becoming more aware that industrial agriculture is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions that bring about climate change ” Vandana Shiva and others are now making the case that restoring the soil, and recovering organic agriculture around the world can not only dramatically limit climate change but even has the capacity to sequester carbon back into the soil, that has been emitted in the past.

Paul Stamets: Mushrooms, Bees, and Saving the World, 2018 — As forests burn across the US and misguided attempts to prevent fires by clear-cutting or raking the forest floor are being proposed, TUC Radio remembers the mycologist and author Paul Stamets. He is calling attention to the fact that old growth forests contain organisms that can heal us, feed us, or kill us.

From a TUC Presentation.

This show was broadcast on December 8, 2018.

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