The California Fires – Citizens Report Bizarre Anomalies, and Damage Path Maps Matching Agenda 21 Immanent Domain Maps_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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The California Fires – Citizens Report Bizarre Anomalies, and
Damage Path Maps Matching Agenda 21 Immanent Domain Maps

Fires have ravaged Malibu, California, the town of Paradise is gone, tens of thousands have been displaced, dozens have died, what is happening? Just as with the fires in Northern California, citizens are reporting strange anomalies in these fires and in their damage path. Many fires appear to be targeted, leaving the surrounding area untouched, even trees remain lush and full in numerous cases. Homes and other structures are burnt to the ground, to the foundation, taking much material with it that normally remains standing after a fire. Nearly everything gone, and rather than black soot we often see a grey ash white, again and again. People have reported seeing blue lights flashing in the sky as well as beams coming down. As with 9/11, citizens are reporting that what they witnessed does not jibe with official accounts and some are saying directed energy is being used to bring structures down in California. If true, then why? Other citizen reporters have uncovered an eerie alignment with evacuation and fire damage maps which coincide with development maps for Agenda 21. One of the goals for United Nations Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030 or The UN New Millennium Development Goals (there is also an Agenda 2040 and Agenda 2050 ‘the business model’) is to develop ‘regions’ which take the place of cities and even states, where the vast majority of people would live, while having massive areas of land which would be unavailable for ‘human habitation’. But there’s a problem to this plan — human’s already live on much of the land identified for other uses, or on land pigeon holed for ‘development’ which doesn’t include the existing ‘habituation’. Hence, some believe Americans are being burned off of their land and out of their homes. Imminent domain by fire. Is it possible? We’ll explore the evidence on today’s episode of Quantum Matrix Radio.


Matching Agenda 21 Depopulation Maps to Fire Path Maps
Burn Path Map Matches Agenda 21 High Speed Rail Map:
The Plan to Burn Up Northern California – Deborah Tavares
Deborah Tavares – Presentation Agenda 21 Climate Action Plan
Citizen Reports of Blue Flashes, Blue Lights, Blue Beams, Blue Lightening –
Also Reports of Strange Winds – Tree Burning From Inside out
More on Trees Burning From Inside Out & Relationship to Aluminum From Spraying Operations
Highly Decorated Fire Captain John Lord – DEW
Behind the Green Mask – Rosa Koire, Founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21
The Directed Energy Weaponry Industry – 
DSIAC Defense Systems Information Analysis Center – Directed Energy
Lockheed Martin:
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