Ken Meyercord on anti-Iran propaganda, Greg Felton on Trumpy America__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Ken Meyercord on anti-Iran propaganda, Greg Felton on Trumpy America

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5 Responses to “Ken Meyercord on anti-Iran propaganda, Greg Felton on Trumpy America__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Tom

    I agree that Lindgren put up a poor fight in challenging Felton on man-made “climate change.” In referencing Cato, Limbaugh, and position papers, he engaged in what I have observed many do – take a political position on a science question.

    Late in the program Felton suggested having a Debate … I’ll debate him on this topic.

  2. maisoon

    I just cannot believe just how dumb assed Lindgren is, so brainwashed, indoctrinated by the typical Fools who follow Zionist Trump. He without knowing it is himself influenced by Zionist ideologies. He truly is an embarrassment and is a DUMB idiot believing in the Koch Bros and CATO institutions.
    And he does not give a damn about US Foreign Policies and what it is doing in Middle East
    To believe in Fracking that is doing a lot of harms is astounding idiocy
    Only thing I do agree with there is no Global warming, although Mankind is harming Mother Earth but the world is getting colder as per normal Climatic Cycles our world has faced.

    Just cannot stomach listening to such an idiot blind buffoon as Lindgren and those he blindly praises supports and holds in high esteem!! What a waste of a human mind just as Trump is a waste belonging to the garbage of history who spends his time drinking diet coke, watching reality TV, Tweeting and receiving his daily brainwashing form his Chabad Lubavitch Handlers and the likes of Netanyahu and Mafia boss Adelson

  3. maisoon

    Oil prices manipulated by Rothschild occupied America/Israel and their Banksters/Corporations who get their Zionist minions the House of Saud to control output to assist them in controlling prices which are politically motivated

    Finally I don’t agree with Felton and his dismissal of the word ‘hate’ and his definition of Love both Human emotions as old as time itself
    There are no other words that one can use to speak out against Injustice, cruelty, terrorism, Wars, oppression and exploitation. this is more than just ignorance or ‘prejudice’ or trying to incite others

  4. maisoon

    HAMAS is NOT a TERRORIST GROUP. QATAR is a two headed snake- it works with America/Israel and it provides ‘funds’ to Hamas and Gaza which they treat as a Real Estate enterprise- they don’t give a damn about Palestinians

  5. maisoon

    Sorry but Mr Trump is not just ignorant but he is in fact a LIAR and constantly fed lies and indoctrination by his Jewish/Zionist Handlers



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