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In Search of Russia – The Saker

Uniqueness of Russia as heir to the Eastern Roman Empire; both its historical differences and similarities with the West, the Asian Tatar Mongol influence; the recent three hundred years of domination by the West; Russian elites as distinct from the Russian people; schisms in Russian ruling classes; wars against Russia; Russia bashing; the Soviet period; the two Chechen wars; Russian military defenses; alliance of Dmitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin to rescue Russia from the disaster of the Yeltsin years; Atlantic Integration versus Eurasian Sovereignty; Russian rejection of the US model. economic sanctions and isolationism.

Produced, edited and mixed by Bonnie Faulkner, Yarrow Mahko and Tony Rango.

This encore show was broadcast on October 22, 2018.

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One Response to “In Search of Russia — on Guns & Butter”

  1. Shawki

    It’s a shame… anyone with the courage to tell the truth, on all media, are seeming to be silenced or marginalized…smh. now one has to almost learn different languages or dialects to get news and truth, rather than opinion…

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