Eric Walberg on “The ‘Protocols’ Revisited”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Eric Walberg on “The ‘Protocols’ Revisited”

This show was broadcast on August 29, 2018.

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2 Responses to “Eric Walberg on “The ‘Protocols’ Revisited”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. David B

    Walberg sounds mentally ill in his interviews. He never finishes a sentence. I can usually only listen for a few minutes.

  2. maisoon

    Mr Wahlberg at 11:08-
    All nationalities that live abroad like to live among their own, safety in numbers and also sharing the same culture/faith etc- Greeks, Italians, Irish, East Europeans all do it as do the Jews themselves.

    Prophet Abraham Kevin was not Jewish, never was, as Judaism did not exist in his time, so he was not following ‘Jewish Tradition

    I read/heard 2 rabbis on youtube arrogantly stating that their ‘God’ regularly talks to them and seeks the advice of Jewish Rabbis- imagine that!! God seeking advice from His Jewish Humans!!
    I don’t believe that it was not the Jews who were behind the Protocols but the British. The British have always been Imperialists going around the world colonising nations, occupying and exploiting
    But It IS THE JEWS that infiltrated British imperialism. Charles 1st expelled them and when they returned to England via Scotland, they executed Charles and finally installed their puppet King James with the help of Oliver Cromwell

    Rothschild Clan deeply infiltrated and married into British Aristocracy and their European [German] ‘Royal’ Family. With that you saw the rise of Freemasons, Secret Societies/Illuminati which the Jews created, Albert Pike, Alistair Crowley, Cecil Rhodes etc- all satanic members.
    Here again, this is all just an attempt to excuse and exonerate the Jews – Yad Vashem is A BLOODY MYTH ad their Satanic Temple place of worship where all visiting Leaders are mandated to pay homage to in order to legitimise the Lie- re writing Human History for their own ends, presenting only themselves as the pathetic eternal victims when far far more millions have been sacrificed to political and religious subterfuge and Conspiracies against Humanity
    and even the Auschwitz ‘museum’ states as did the Red Cross, that the numbers were never 6 million and far far less. Many survivors at the death beds exposed as LIARS and so many survivors suddenly discovered!!
    Zionism WAS AND IS a JEWISH CONSTRUCT, not a British one who did choose to adopt it due to the heavy influence of Jewish power within the Establishment- the Shadow Deep State Governments within British, American and European Governments [also in Canada, Australia and some Zionist Arab Gulf States
    Protocols are Real
    6 million Holocaust is a myth- how many HOLOCAUSTS have we had in history presented by the Jews as per their Torah requirement
    Jews yes died in world war 2 but so did around 60 MILLION GENTILES.
    World War 1 & 2 were both real Holocausts of Human beings, a sacrifice to the Ruling warmongers, Jewish Banksters who funded both sides and the Secret Societies who supported the wars.
    I will NOT drop the Jew word. That IS A COP OUT.
    Majority of Jews today are in favour of Jewish Domination and control over the Gentile World, infiltrating their political parties, their religious groups, their Military, Media etc
    Sorry but Jews deliberately infiltrate ALL Political Parties- that is how they succeed, these Jewish Lefties, Liberal, Marxist Communists [created by them] PRETENDING to care about Political religious and social justice. How about the Bolsheviks who murdered MILLIONS of Christian Russians?
    Wahlberg is so patently a typical sly ‘EX JEW’ type making pathetic excuses for the Jewish Tribe and passing the buck of causality and world crimes unto the Colonialist Brits who were equally supremacist and racist against other nations they conquered.
    When you speak of Banksters, the Jews themselves automatically identify with the word – they know who they are! and are aware of their own Crimes against Humanity but who like to hide behind the Anti Semiticism RUSE and enjoy blaming Non Jewish Leaders and Governments for all their political and Economic War Crimes against Humanity to achieve their Eretz Israeli Jewish Empire, as they bankrupt America and will replace it as the world’s new Jewish Super power ushering in Jews versus the rest of mankind among whom they have installed their usual subservient Minions, Lackeys, Puppets.



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