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ECOSHOCK —Abrupt Climate Change

a top scientist agrees a rapid shift is possible …Dr. James White, Arctic specialist at U of Colorado, says abrupt climate shifts happened in the past, happen now, and will come again. Huge changes possible. Then UK psychotherapist Ro Randall on how to talk to a denier. Clip of Robert Kennedy Jr. on coal.

Dr. James White is the Director of INSTARR, the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado. Last December he delivered the important “Nye Lecture” at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union on abrupt climate change. I ask Dr. White for examples, and they could curl your hair. The climate of Miami could arrive in Montreal Canada within this lifetime. Seas will rise not centimeters, but tens of meters, more than 20 feet. All this has happened in the past, and some of it is happening now. UK psychotherapist Rosemary (Ro) Randall founded the circles of people who meet to talk about how they feel about climate change. It’s called “Carbon Conversations” and they have a new workbook available to the public.
We also talk about how NOT to approach a family member or work-mate who denies climate change is happening, or is caused by humans. Then I go on a slight rant about a right-wing business front group that tells us coal is good for the economy and the environment. It isn’t good for either one. That ends with a classic quote from Robert Kennedy Jr. on the mirage of “clean coal”. He lists the dead lakes, dead people, and dead world coming out of the coal business.

Featured speakers/credits: Interviews by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock. Clip of Robert Kennedy from The Real News, 080826

Originally broadcast 150204

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This show was broadcast on August 10, 2018.

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