THE GLOBAL POWER ELITE_ on 9/11 Wake Up Call

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911 Wake Up Call


ON this show you’ll hear Peter Phillips discuss his new book coming in out in August of 2018 called “Giants: The Global Power Elites.” He names names and connects the dots. Everyone should hear this speech and read his book. It could save humanity.

This show was broadcast on August 2, 2018.

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2 Responses to “THE GLOBAL POWER ELITE_ on 9/11 Wake Up Call”

  1. Jonathan Gems

    Peter Phillips describes, as many others have, part of the way the international banking and investment companies combine with government institutions to control and expand commercial markets. And he names many of today’s merchant princes. A reading of History reveals it was every thus. The British, Dutch, French and Spanish empires did, more or less, the same thing. The British East India Company, in collusion with the British government, started two ‘Opium Wars’ in China, for example. The United Fruit corporation, in collusion with the U.S. government started wars in Central America etc. So, apart from naming current robber barons and quoting recent statistics, Phillips is telling us nothing new. What is concerning, however, and challenges the integrity of his thesis, is a digression into ‘climate change’ and ‘green propaganda,’ that is entirely mendacious. He claims the ice in Greenland is disastrously melting, which is untrue. The arctic circle has been experiencing the lowest temperatures in recorded history, and the ice sheet has expanded. He quotes a fallacious claim that, since industrialization, the mean global temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is untrue. The consensus is that, since records began in the 1860’s, global temperature has risen by 0.5 degrees. He strongly implies that plastic Coca-Cola bottles don’t degrade, which they do. You can test this by burying a plastic Coca-Cola bottle in your garden, and digging it up a year later. It’s almost entirely gone. What DOESN’T degrade is glass. He also, falsely, claims that ten years after an increase in C02, there’s an increase in temperature, when all the studies show that temperature increases PRECEDE increases in C02 levels – and by a much longer period than 10 years. The false information Phillips is quoting is generated by the United Nations, which is trying to get people to pay it carbon taxes (‘green taxes’) to fund its expansion. The trouble with most academics is they get their information from other academics. And academia is funded and controlled by plutocrats who set the parameters of what is and isn’t allowed to be classified as knowledge.

  2. maisoon

    I am very curious as to why Mr Philips when naming the ‘Elite’ only gave us the usual known suspects -lime Bill Gates, Bezos and Bankers JP Morgan but not once did I hear the name of the RICHEST Family in the world that hold such obscene wealth with which they have bought so much political and financial power.
    I have not read his book and wonder whether he answers my query in it and does indeed mention the OBSCENE wealth of the Rothschilds and their evil power across the globe that has over hundreds of years, Holocausted millions of people, but especially in modern times, WW1,WW2 and 21st Century and done so with unjust and unforgivable impunity
    There is nothing ‘Elite’ about such manipulative and wealthy billionaires etc- the power they have bought and the suffering they have inflicted can only be described as cold blooded psychopathy- the ruling Psychopaths. Elite implies excellence and superiority but this cannot and must not be applied to such people who only excel in pure Evil, Sadism, lacking human Compassion, Mercy and Empathy, totally Blind to the pain and trauma they commit against the ordinary Man and Woman in the Street!
    Why is it that the Rothschilds are never mentioned as the real number One Richest in the world but instead we get thrown bones like Gates, Bezos etc..
    Rothschilds must be joined to ALL the DOTS to Corporations, Companies, Banks, Investment Firms, Bought Governments, ‘Religious’ Leaders, Military Industrial Complex and Intelligence Agencies [CIA, Mossad, MI5 etc] Media, Private Armies [e.g NATO and UN Blue Berets,] even Police are now becoming their private property not protecting or serving The People as well as lay 100% upon them for ALL the Wars, bloodshed and Terrorism They have engineered and instigated.



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