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Elliot Greenspan: A New American Paradigm

elliot greenspan

Elliot Greenspan is the Director of the LaRouche PAC Manhattan Project. He has worked with the LaRouche movement since the early 70’s, involving wide-ranging educational work on matters of international economic development, history, strategy, and politics. He has been a prominent spokesman and Congressional candidate for policies which are now taking root with the New Silk Road.
Lyndon LaRouche, now 95 years of age, a former United States Presidential candidate, identified by many as an economic genius has warned the Public that the derivative speculative folly by Wall Street would lead to economic disaster and that the 2008 collapse is only preliminary to the great economic calamity which awaits and draws near if new banking policies are not enacted immediately with Glass-Steagall  legislation and a new National Bank.  
Elliot discuses his early involvement with the Larouche movement, the persecution by the FBI and British intelligence MI6, and the arrest of Lyndon LaRouche and supporters, involving 400 federal agents surrounding Larouche’s property.in Virginia, on trumped up charges following the release of Larouche’s ground breaking book, “Dope Inc., The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy”,” which uncovered the Intelligence and Banking’s intimate connections to their profiteering in running the world wide drug trade.
Elliot compares the present attacks on President Donald Trump by Robert Mueller with similar attacks on Lyndon Larouche by the same Robert Mueller, former Director of the FBI during the 9/11 questionable investigation. Mueller is called by the Larouche Pac  an “Amoral Legal Assassin”  In both the Larouche and Trump matters attempts to involve Russian connections of intrigue with both those respective individuals appears to have been manufactured and manipulated by  British intelligence, MI6.  Both Larouche and Trump express strong positions supporting National Sovereignty over Global Hegemony supported by the International elite camped in the City of London and Wall Street.
A new Paradigm for Mankind is discussed by Elliot who introduces Larouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery necessary for the restoration and uplifting of the American economy and spirit.
Elliot also updates us on the New Silk Road progress, being presently lead by China which involves massive infrastructure projects invigorating countries and bringing connection and cooperation with a higher standard of living throughout the world. This, according to Elliot must expand to become the World Land-Bridge, a global development perspective originally conceptualized over two decades ago by Lyndon Larouche


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This show was broadcast on July 16, 2018.

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