Vacy Vlazna on “Crybaby Israel”; plus “RU in a patriotic state” and PSAs for 9/11 Muslim March on Washington_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Vacy Vlazna on “Crybaby Israel”; plus “RU in a patriotic state” and PSAs for 9/11 Muslim March on Washington


Dr. Vacy Vlanza of recently authored a terrific article entitled Cry Baby Israel. It begins: “Israel, one of the most technologically advanced military superpowers, is making a colossal fool of itself on the global stage by crying Wolf – ‘We have the right to defend ourselves from – from ?- hold onto your hats, folks, from  – Kites, Balloons, Stones, Cameras, a Slap, a Poem.”  In our interview we discuss Zionism and psychopathy (the subject of Laurent Guyénot’s brilliant article “Israel the Psychopathic Nation.”) Other topics include how Dr. Vlanza got interested in the Palestine issue, and what we can do.

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2 Responses to “Vacy Vlazna on “Crybaby Israel”; plus “RU in a patriotic state” and PSAs for 9/11 Muslim March on Washington_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. It is time for some stop-beating-around-the-bush podcast with the largely ignored ‘Christopher Bollyn’, isn’t it ?.

  2. maisoon

    Chomsky duped so many people into believing he was a caring Human Rights Activist but he is a typical Leftie Jew roping people in to his club and then finally exposing himself for the real Zionist Jewish American that he is who wholeheartedly supports ISRAEL and will defend it which is why he fails to lay the blame of 911 squarely on the Israelis and the Jewish American Sayanem Neocons in the USA
    Israel always had plans to take over all of the M.E and 911 was not about her going broke but was all about her imperial agenda [Oded Yinon] and in fact her Eretz Israeli Empire going far beyond the Middle East as she has already successfully taken over America, UK, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe

    And as I have been saying for years, Israel is a very wealthy country through its ARMS TRADE [to Russia, China, India and even to its Western Allies] and what better place to test out all its weaponry with impunity than on Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis in which Israel is heavily involved in all the bombings and Terrorism
    Finally, If I heard this correctly from you Kevin, it is erroneous to suggest that Jews were the first to be persecuted- that is an insult to the millions of Gentiles persecuted and holocausted in their millions who are never acknowledged- Native Indians And African Slaves etc.
    As for Indonesia, you will always find an ISRAELI Connection via the CIA who carried out an unlawful Coup against popular leader Sukarno replacing him with their vicious Military Puppet General Suhato
    Israel’s war Crimes against Humanity if one does enough serious research, extend far beyond what they are doing to Palestinians and indeed goes back decades and not just within the 21st Century
    Israel’s Empire, like all tyrannical empires WILL FALL. and when that happens, humanity can CELEBRATE with happiness and relief as and when The BEAST IS finally removed from its sadistic seat of power.
    I applaud and thank Dr Vlanza for her support for Palestine

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