Ron Unz on “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination: What Happened? and Who Did It?”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Ron Unz on “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination: What Happened? and Who Did It?”

Ron Unz during his 2016 Senate campaign.

Unz Review (check out its mission statement) is one of the world’s best alternative media sites.

Today editor and publisher Ron Unz joins us to discuss his superb new “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination” series. (Read Part One: What Happened? and Part Two: Who Did It?) I have been studying the JFK assassination, on and off, since 1975, and haven’t seen a better concise introduction to this all-important issue.

Ron’s conclusion is that the one certainty that emerges from any fair-minded study of the Kennedy assassinations is that the media has been grossly dishonest—and that’s putting it mildly. As he puts it:

“So the clear dishonesty of the mainstream media in avoiding any recognition of a conspiracy seems matched by a second layer of dishonesty in the alternative media, which has done its best to avoid recognizing the most likely perpetrator.

“And the third layer of media dishonesty is the the most extreme of all. A quarter century ago, Final Judgment provided an enormous mass of circumstantial evidence suggesting a major, even dominant, role for the Israeli Mossad in organizing the elimination of both our 35rd president and also his younger brother, a scenario that seems second in likelihood only to that of Johnson’s involvement. Yet Piper’s hundreds of thousands of words of analysis have seemingly vanished into the ether, with very few of the major conspiracy researchers even willing to admit their awareness of a shocking book that sold over 40,000 copies, almost entirely by underground word-of-mouth.”

As a public service, Ron Unz has put Final Judgment online—read it HERE. Also don’t miss Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion, which extends Piper’s analysis.

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4 Responses to “Ron Unz on “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination: What Happened? and Who Did It?”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Carol Holland

    What a dumb and annoying person. Disappointing, can’t listen.

  2. maisoon

    Your guest said that not all of the JFK Assassination should be seen as Conspiracy theory or something to that effect. I disagree- the INTENT and the secret plotting/scheming to CONSPIRE to murder a President/Leader of a country is of itself a CONSPIRACY TEHORY on the part of the Assassins who conspired and ordered the Kill. Same goes for the killing of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X etc- they ALL involved CONSPIRACIES to KILL

  3. The subject of UFOs is definitely a fringe issue to say the least, among many others. The central issue of our time is 9-11, along with the issue of who issues the money and how.

    As people remained indifferent to 9-11, insisted on looking the other way, or worse, went along with the official lie despite knowing deep inside them that it is all BS, it gave a green light to the bullies of humanity to turn their bullying a few notches up. Needless to say those bullies would be utterly impotent if it were not for the countless house-negroes eager to do their bidding.

    Some conspiracy-minded people love to linger on side issues (UFOs, Area 51, nuclear weapons from space on 9-11…etc), as a way to flatter their ego and entertain themselves : oh they are so outside the box, they know things others do not. Some internet podcasts also like to linger on the side issues, because they are out there simply to entertain and make a few bucks.

  4. yonnik faulkner

    Only half-way through this and listening in spurts partly because it’s hard to have patience with Ron. Granted, it’s a holiday today and granted I was ten going on 11 when they did JFK. Remember exactly the scene at school when the news was passed to us… and even though the CIA conspiracy meme later led me to lack confidence in my own common sense, I also remember that even though there was little talk about it at the time, my impression was that everyone knew the WC report was a BS whitewash if not an outright cover up. But this guy Ron is so interesting in a frustrating way in that despite all the (limited) good work he’s put out –it’s still painful to hear him referencing “ufos” and other “fringe” issues as if they really are completely groundless. Kudos to Kevin for being gentle and patient with this still naïve (no judgment intended) individual. My thought is if such a reasoning, reasonable, and curious person can be so slow to figure out the bigger picture–what hope is there for the rest of Humanity to catch on. Hope it’s not that hopeless.



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