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Monumental Discovery: Science Research, into Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Operations, Reveals Unknown Micro-organism in Morgellons Filaments


Ever vigilant, Carnicom continues his research during a camping trip.

Clifford Carnicom is the founder and President of the Carnicom Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization that is devoted to environmental and health issues. Clifford also worked as a technical research scientist acting in a professional capacity supporting analysis and development of major Department of Defense physical and weapons modeling systems, with extensive computer programming and system application development experience. He has held a Top Secret/SCI clearance. He was appointed for and completed two years of intensive graduate level studies in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and geodesy under the auspices of the Department of Defense.

Clifford Carnicom was a self-employed professional computer consultant in Santa Fe, New Mexico for seventeen years. He provided unique on-site personal services to small businesses and individuals including system analysis, networking, software development, and website consultation design, and implementation services.

In addition to computer, analytical and management skills, Clifford holds a variety of other skills and expertise from his prior careers including his work as a Cadastral Land Surveyor and research scientist in support of public domain lands of the Bureau of Land Management where he developed original software to assist in the automation and efficiency of large scale database operations. He investigated and researched alternative and sophisticated technologies for geodetic surveys.

Clifford has been a federal employee of the United States government for 15 years within three agencies, including the Department of Defense, The Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Forest Service.

Clifford was the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center Employee of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, and he received the Geodetic Sciences Departmental Award for outstanding technical, managerial, and cost effective performance.

He provided the US Defense research industry with original solutions to system development and modeling problems, including application of higher mathematics, statistics, computer programming, information management, task scheduling, product development, and computer graphics. Clifford has extensive technical briefing and written communication experience. He has received the Department of Defense Best Presentation Award representative of his excellent communication skills.

His Bachelor of Science Cum Laude degree was attained in the field of Surveying and Photogrammetry from the Civil Engineering Department at California State University at Fresno, California. His post-graduate studies were conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Defense at The Ohio State University and Washington University. He also possesses an Associate of Sciences degree and a Forest Engineering vocational degree from College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California. Additional studies were completed at Mesa Community College, St. Louis Community College, Humboldt State University and the University of California. His education encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, including geodetic science, advanced mathematics, engineering, statistics, physical sciences, accounting, computer science and the life, environmental and biological sciences.   Clifford continues to further his education with ongoing study that includes the Great Courses, Thinkwell scientific courses, Wiley Chemistry Views and Spectroscopy Now portals, molecular spectroscopy,  ACS webinars, numerous scientific and trade journals, and with completed and accredited online courses at Duke University, The University of Manchester, and Nanyang Technological University.   Clifford is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Society for Science and the Public.  Clifford is an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator with callsign N0LKC and he is a member of the American Amateur Radio League (ARRL).

Clifford Carnicom is a serious, qualified researcher and a public servant dedicating his work for the welfare of mankind. He has written over 350 papers on the topics mentioned above which can be accessed by the public on his website The Carnicom Institute at You are encouraged to review the documentation of his research.

He has investigated aerosol spraying (chem trails) for 20 years.  Besides finding large amounts of metallic salts, as well as barium, aluminum, and strontium, from geoengineering/aerial spraying, which can cause adverse effects on public health while contaminating the air, soil , water and food supply, he has examined fine filaments, also the result of the air plane dispersal.  These  fine filaments have taken his research to the nano level.  He has been able to breach the filament which appears to be an encasing structure for a yet unnamed micro organism which exists at the 0.2 micron level.  A human hair is about 60-100 microns, asbestos fiber is 2.0 micron and bacteria are usually around 0.4 micron.  This unnamed, but now discovered micro organism on the nano level, is somewhere in size between a bacteria and a virus.  What this pathogen is, no one in the conventional world knows or will say.

Clifford Carnicom has also been able to isolate a protein associated with this micro organism.  In the past, before he began his extensive and intensive investigation into the filaments he presented to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a sample filament and requested an analysis and identification.  After 1 year and one half he received the filament back from the federal government telling him they would not evaluate a sample which they had not solicited.  Carincom believes this microscopic organism is in the air we breathe along with the metallic particulates and filaments and has been, and is being, put there deliberately. The resulting Morgellon’s condition, which some have suffered as a result of this ‘aerial dispersal’ includes sores, with these fine filaments protruding from the lesions, and is believed to be caused from the aerosol spraying, popularly known as ‘chem-trails’.

Learn more in this episode of Quantum Matrix Radio as attorney David Meiswinkle interviews scientist and researcher Clifford Carnicom about the stunning findings he has discovered about what the air we breath is being inundated with, and why, and what we can do about it!


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