Greg Felton on Bolton, Jerusalem, Pompeo and the new American arrogance_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Greg Felton on Bolton, Jerusalem, Pompeo and the new American arrogance

Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio

Ex-mainstream journalist Greg Felton argues that the Trump Administration has become insufferably arrogant in its unilateralist imperialism, harking back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt…except that today the US empire is not busy being born, but busy dying. (Thanks, in large part, to the Zionists running it into the ground.)

Greg Felton: “After the August 2013 gas attack in Ghouta, Trump warned Obama four times not to go into Syria. And he was right—in 2013. You look at 2013 and you look at 2017-2018 and you ask yourself ‘what happened to Donald Trump, to go from being cautious on American intervention to being a wholesale advocate for it?’ And the only conclusion I can come up with is that somewhere along the line, Trump lost control of his government.”

That’s Greg’s conclusion, not mine. Tune in and listen to us argue about it…and about other issues including whether Zionism is a secular nationalist or millenarian religious movement, and whether the dominant religion of today’s Western elites is secular humanism, holocaustanity, neoliberalism, or…?

Note: For a succinct version of my critique of secular humanism, see my new Crescent Magazine article The Weaponization of Human Rights.

This show was broadcast on May 23, 2018.

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5 Responses to “Greg Felton on Bolton, Jerusalem, Pompeo and the new American arrogance_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. A Kirkman

    did I really type “their” or was that ai playing its little games…seems to happen a lot to a lot of people.

  2. A Kirkman

    for some reason, I am reminded of a Donovan line “First their is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is…

    at least, I think that is Donovan…

  3. hatch

    sounds like the fat one… fetzer..
    ‘clever devil’

  4. The discussion was both interesting and enlightening.
    However I take exception to the idea religion drives society. Culture drives religion. The culture drives the moral values for itself and for the society that envelops that culture.
    Each culture must deal with unexplainable catastrophic events. If the culture cannot accept the chaos of nature then the religion can impose order on the chaos by assigning responsibility for these events on an invisible supernatural deity. This deity will be given characteristics as needed by that culture, to be believable. The abrahamic religions had the Egyptian pharoah as a model, an authoritarian leader. Polytheistic religions are comfortable with distributed responsibility. The success of a religion requires the local culture to believe in this interpretation. The Abrahamic religions are driven by interpretations of ancient texts making political manipulation easier. The Eastern religions are different as those cultures accept the inherent chaos of nature (e.g. Tao). These Eastern cultures define their moral values for their religion, like Confucianism, which has no supreme deity.

    Sometimes I feel conversations focus often on Christianity or Islam without considering other religions or cultures. Obviously the Abrahamic religions dominate Western society so they have most influence. However humanity is more diverse than that and the role of religions should not be considered immutable. Perhaps humanity does not hold its religions accountable but it is important to note the local culture has this power, within its political constraints.

  5. maisoon

    Don’t agree with Felton claiming Trump was not a Zionist from the beginning.
    Trump IS a member of the Establishment that is behind the Shadow Deep State’
    Trump has always been Pro Israel, pro Jewish not just because of his Jewish Daughter, her staunch Chabad Lubavitch Jewish and Zionist Pro Israel Husband, and his Jewish daughters’ in law married to his sons. Some say Trump comes from Jewish stock
    Trump prior to becoming President, funded Israeli Settlements and heavily involved with Jews who bailed him out [Roy Cohn Kosher Nostra]
    United State of Israel run by Talmudic Judeo Communist Zionists [Secret Masonic Cult]] that is not religious in God worship but more Satanic in structure and belief system
    I suspect Trump’s image was carefully and deceitfully crafted to make him look the buffoon but he is actually a devious, shrewd cunning man who is NOT ‘easily led but does willingly adhere to and believes in all things Judaic and a STAUNCH Supporter of Israel
    His Chabad Lubavitch |Son in law and daughter of course also have a great impact on his ‘decision’ making who do steer him in the direction of all Israeli Firsters who put Israel’s interests above America despite his political campaign rhetoric of making America great again, blindly and obediently failing to see he is actually helping Israel become the number one Nuclear Armed Super power, thus destroying and replacing America itself which Israel has as I have said many times, politically, religiously, financially, socially and morally BANKRUPTED America
    Trump was ALWAYS a Pro Israeli and Judaic Asset. He was NOT forced or changed by those around him contrary to what Felton, Bennett, Glenn, Steel claim.
    He was against the Iran deal [before his presidency] FOR ISRAEL.
    He has ILLEGALLY BOMBED a SOVEREIGN country twice [Syria[ and allowing America to continue bombing Yemen [via Saudi Puppets and arming them as does Israel too] so that does MAKE him a War Criminal now, joining a long line of AMERICAN War [and British, European] War Criminals

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