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Kevin Barrett interviewed on Ella’s Whistleblower Heroes show

My fellow Revolution.Radio host Ella of describes her show as:

“Each week, Ella brings you the most acclaimed whistle-blowers who shed light, educate, and share their compelling stories. Join us, as we pay tribute to the everyday heroes in the world, whooften risk everything, to get the truth out.”

In this show she asks me about 9/11 and Zionism, and I don’t hold back.

This show was broadcast on May 10, 2018.

      Listen to the Archive Here

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5 Responses to “Kevin Barrett interviewed on Ella’s Whistleblower Heroes show_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Forget about IE. Try ‘Firefox’.

  2. craig

    Still cannot pause broadcast, all that happens is the page jumps down and nothing pauses.
    Very frustrating, webmaster, I contacted you about this before and no remedy?
    running 64 windows 8.1 and IE11

  3. hatch

    Kevin you’re attracting all the delusional women lately, new aftershave?

  4. Amanda, if you had your own podcast or asks to be interviewed on other people’s podcasts, you can then choose to articulate how you feel about things in your own chosen words, sentences and nuances. Until then, don’t expect others to say things exactly the way you would have said it. In short, don’t be arrogant and foolish, instead : Be Nice.

  5. Amanda

    It was really sad and disappointing to hear you continually use the terms ‘the Holy Land’, ‘israel’,and ‘the people driven out’ ‘non-jews’ .. and not once mention Palestine or the Palestinians.
    When you finally did mention them , it was as the Palestinians OF GAZA.

    Annnd ..boom – Hitler and the Nazis.
    You continually push this Holocaust propaganda.
    Why not mention the Bolsheviks.

    Al Aqsa Mosque is in Palestine, you fucking asshole.
    You had a new platform to shed some light about Palestine to a newer audience, and you betrayed them.

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