Bro. Abdul Arif Muhammad on Starbucks boycott and ADL; Karin Brothers says Skripals could bring down May so their lives are in danger_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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First hour: Bro. Abdul Arif Muhammad, general counsel for the Nation of Islam, discusses “STARBUCKS BOYCOTT SPREADS AFTER ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE INVOLVEMENT.” That article begins: “Starbucks seemed to be making all the right moves in response to the recent racial controversy in which the bigotry of its Philadelphia store manager instigated the arrest of two Black male customers waiting to meet a business colleague.” But then Starbucks put the Anti-Defamation League — the notoriously racist witch-hunting Israel lobby group —in charge of a national “racial bias training session” for all Starbucks employees!

For background on the ADL’s 75-year war on the Nation of Islam, see: JEWS TARGETED BLACK SELF-HELP LONG BEFORE FARRAKHAN.

Second hour: Karin Brothers discusses her new article “The Skripals Have Survived but They Are Not Safe: The Novichok Fraud Should Bring Down the UK Government.” Her conclusion:

“Theresa May and her government cannot survive an uncovering of their Novichok fraud.  A UK election in response to the truth will not only bring down the government, it should give Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party a healthy majority. Given Corbyn’s anti-establishment positions on many issues — including the Mideast — and his skepticism about this fraud, the British deep state will find that possibility unacceptable.  A couple of Russian lives do not matter in this scenario.

“The Skripals are in grave danger. They were supposed to die before the UK was forced to present the evidence that would expose the anti-Russian fraud.  With no family in Britain beside Sergei and Yulia Skripal, and the Russian embassy barred from meeting with them, there is no one who can stand up to protect the lives of the Skripals.

“It is clear that while the Skripals could make a fortune going to the media, the British government will never allow them to tell their story. According to the Sunday Times, there are plans to send the Skripals to the US where they “will be offered new identities and a new life.” 

“Really? If the Russian poisoning story were true, the Skripals should be happy to return to their respective homes and make money from their stories.

“In fact, their faces have been so publicized that they would be recognized anywhere in the world.  And why would they choose to erase their past lives?

“The message behind the “relocation” story is, don’t look for the Skripals again, because you will never find them.

“The British government must not be allowed to erase them.”


This show was broadcast on April 23rd, 2018.

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3 Responses to “Bro. Abdul Arif Muhammad on Starbucks boycott and ADL; Karin Brothers says Skripals could bring down May so their lives are in danger_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. No to nwo

    I have not listened to this show yet. Maisoon, i do remember vividly on one of the radio shows from Mark Glenn, many years ago, where he interviewed Mr. Charles Carlson from “We hold these truths”. Mr Carlson was in occupied Palestinie when the Neuterei Karta told him that they believed in the Talmud. So he does not believe in the sincerity of the Neuterei Karta. You are correct in what you are saying, Maisoon.

  2. hatch

    Talking about American police training in Israel, i just looked it up, the same is happening with British police. Comes as no surprise.
    Don’t know if you saw the strange story about St.Micheal’s Mount this week Kevin? All the news report said was ‘a guy made a threat’, and that was it. They had helicopters and door to door searches.
    If you ever think you’ll opt for Sh.Imran Hosein’s idea of going to live in Muslim village in some remote part of the world somewhere Kevin, let me know, i’ll go too!

  3. maisoon

    I met up with Rabbi David Weiss of Neuterei in London a few years back and had a 40 minute chat with the man- I was shocked to discover during our talk that Neuterei Karta actually believe in the Talmud. I always believed that this group rejected the Talmud and only believed in the Torah but Rabbi Weiss corrected me by informing me that his group do indeed follow the Talmud. So really there is no real difference Neuterei Karta and other Jewish Orthodox Groups other than only one and that being the TIMING of when Jews are allowed to return to Israel but shockingly they follow the rabbinical written Talmud

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