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Experience A Message From Earth”Inspired by the Voyager Gold Record

It has been 40 years since Carl Sagan and others shared the best of humanity with the stars. A new online multimedia project has been created as a 21st century homage to the Golden Record. We visit with two of its creators, Stephen Canfield of WeTransfer, and Jacinte Faria of Stink Studios. Drill baby drill! Thats what the Curiosity team has asked the mars rover to do for the first time in months, after pausing to take a selfie. Emily Lakdawalla provides a mission update. Jason Davis tells us about NASAs new name and plans for a space station near the Moon. Bruce Betts joins Mat for another visit to the stranger things in the night sky. Win a 3 LP boxset of the Voyager Golden Record recordings in the space trivia contest! Mat Kaplan attended a meeting of the science team for the zoom lens camera that will be atop the Mars 2020 rover mast. Planetary Scientist Jim Bell tells us how this new system will show us the Red Planet as weve never seen it before. Space is hard. Sample return is even harder, says Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla. Bruce Betts presents Mat Kaplan with a musical Random Space Fact in this weeks Whats Up segment.

Featured speakers: Stephen Canfield and Jacinte Faria of the Message From Earth project

This show was broadcast on April 10, 2018.

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