Sander Hicks on truth in politics; J. Glenn Evans launches his revolutionary novel Wayfarers_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Sander Hicks on truth in politics; J. Glenn Evans launches his revolutionary novel Wayfarers”

First hour: Sander Hicks, NYC 9/11 truth and peace supporting congressional candidate, recently got some amazingly favorable coverage for his pro-9/11-truth, pro-Palestine campaign in a local newspaper! In this show we discuss and debate some of the issues raised in my recent essay on anti-Semitism. (Sander says an acquaintance of his, an associate of Political Research Associates operative Spencer Sunshine, is working on a computer algorithm to try to keep people like me out of the Left Forum!) Sander questions Dr. Gideon Polya’s estimate that 32 million Muslims have been killed by the 9/11 wars, and suggests I should have more sympathy for the “holocaust trauma” suffered by many Jews. I argue that we should sympathize equally with all victims, regardless of ethnicity—and suggest that if we did that, the Nazi holocaust would get far less attention, while the 32 million Muslim holocaust and 55-60 million American-inflicted global holocaust (among others that we ourselves are perpetrating) would get far more.

Second hour: J. Glenn Evans launches his audacious novel Wayfarers on Truth Jihad Radio…then invites you to his book launch party tomorrow. Note: This is a very good novel! It’s a gripping page-turner: gritty, funny, fully of striking and convincing characters, and seriously angry about all the right things. What’s more, it offers a solution to the problem it describes…a solution that J. Glenn Evans is pulling from the pages of his book and attempting to establish in reality!


Book launch party scheduled for J Glenn Evans latest novel, Wayfarers – Where No One Is an Outcast on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 4 PM. At The Merchants Café located in Pioneer Square, 109 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington. Further information or questions call J. Glenn Evans, 360.459.9288 or email You are invited and hope you can come if you are in the area. No charge and no obligation to buy anything. Love to see you there.

Merchants Café, Seattle’s oldest restaurant established 1890 was the inspiration for the Wayfarer Restaurant in the novel. In writing this novel, J. Glenn Evans was inspired to organize the non-profit corporation, Glenn Key Evans Farms, launch a movement to help the homeless with food and shelter and training in no-till farming. You can also listen to a YouTube interview with Evans on

This show was broadcast on March 25, 2018.

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2 Responses to “Sander Hicks on truth in politics; J. Glenn Evans launches his revolutionary novel Wayfarers_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    The politicians of a society – competing for positions of power – are just a reflection of the people forming that society. George Carlin eloquently explains that fact :

  2. maisoon

    SANDER HICKS- yet another Apologist for Jews wishing to perpetuate the myth of eternal Jewish Suffering ad nauseum.
    And Engdahl too cautiously dodging the Holocaust issue.
    Hicks no doubt cannot risk his election prospects and must do what ALL US candidates have to do- suck up American Jews.
    Mr Hicks should understand the true definition of the Greek word ‘Holocaust’ which does not mean death of 6 million Jews but defines as ‘Burnt Offering- Massive Death and destruction and great loss of life, especially by Fire [power]
    Why Hicks cannot show sympathy for 60 million people who perished in WW2 and WW1!. Or as you said Kevin, there have been many Holocausts of Humanity which are not given the Commemorative respect they deserve. Hiroshima ad Nagasaki, African Slaves, Native Indians,60 million Christian Russians during Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, North Korea and Vietnam Victims, and modern day Holocaust of Arabs and Muslims to this day in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Palestine along with millions in Africa- Rwanda, Congo, Sudan/Somalia which world communities are not taught about.
    I would not vote for Hicks who has shown what a Zionist indoctrinated man he truly is and an American in typical shameful denial of the MILLIONS of Arabs and Muslims America’s War for Israel have killed.
    Go back to your comatose Jewish indoctrinated America – The way he JUMPED so quickly to the defence of Jewish Myths proves what a blind society America’s Public truly is- so programmed and controlled.



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