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Ignoring the Real “Russiagate” Scandal and Its Consqeuences

Greg and Jeremy discuss an article by Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone in which she tries to prove that “Russiagate” is a media and government created myth. While Caitlin speaks important truths about why no one should believe the US government based on its long history of lies and deceptions, Caitlin appears to either be afraid to address the real and well documented facts regarding Trump’s long history with powerful “Russian” criminal Zionist mafia figures closely linked with the extremist Chabad Lubavitch movement and the consequences of that relationship, or has closed her mind to addressing this reality. We also talk about a recent debate between Glenn Greenwald and James Risen of The Intercept, in which they both also fail to address the true facts and ramifications of Trump’s “Russian” connections, and instead only limit the conversation specifically to Putin, Russia, and the US government. We discuss the near lockstep uniformity among both alternative “right” and “left” media in limiting “Russiagate” discourse and the omission of the real facts, and why this matters. In addition, we also talk about the recent hiring by The Real News Network of Max Blumenthal, what it could mean, and we provide troublesome details about the founding of and establishment of The Real News.

This show was broadcast on March 6, 2018.

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