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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Maisoon Rice: I’m fed up with anti-Islam propaganda!

Maisoon Rice


Maisoon Rice is a British-Palestinian-Pakistani blogger and activist. She recently contacted me to advise me to stop using the word “Islamist,” which she believes has become a pejorative word for (politically-engaged) Muslims. In this interview we discuss and debate issues related to the propaganda war on Islam. Maisoon also expresses her strong support for traditional family values, and her opposition to various movements that undermine them. Her take on gender issues resonates in some ways, and clashes in others, with the “ecofeminist” views that Cat McGuire expressed recently on this show.

This show was broadcast on February 21, 2018.

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6 Responses to “Maisoon Rice: I’m fed up with anti-Islam propaganda!_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. It has been my experience to notice that the muslims who focus on their external apperance, traditions and other superficial concepts, have a tendency to be the least spiritual ones, the least likable ones as human beings and often they happen to be as mean as the plague once one looks passed their hypocritical holier-than-thou external layer.

    As some critics have correctly pointed out, those kind of muslims got stuck in the words and letters of the message, instead of understanding and absorbing the spirit of the message. I compare them to the foolish people who examine the finger, when that finger is pointing at the moon.

    There is no need for example to elaborate on the many muslim females who wear a hijab to satisfy “their traditions”, while the rest of their body is dressed as a whore. No need either to mention the many muslim mothers who – while covered from head to toe – dress their little girls 5-7 yo as a whore : subconsciously they are trying to live their whorish side through their little daughters.

    As for the muslim men who think they have the duty to decide how a muslim female ought to dress (like the asshole above who says “obligatory for women”), they are in fact just insecure men who feel threatened by the beauty and seductive powers of the female, and hypocritically try to hide their insecurity behind “religion”.

    Such idiots ought to know that Allah didn’t appoint them as the “spiritual’ police of society. Spend your energy trying to improve your status in the sight of Allah, and let others find their own path at their own pace !!!. If you had some wisdom your aim would have been to try to positively inspire people around you, instead of appointing yourself as the do-and-don’t cop !!!.

    Bible [Proverbs 21: 2] : “A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

    Bible [Matthew 23: 27] : “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.’ (a characteristic of the hypocrites in general)

  2. Ray

    Hijaab is obligatory on women. It comes from the traditions or sunnah of companions of the prophet and his household. There are four sources of our law and after Qur’an the next source is the tradition or sunnah. Show me how the companions dressed after the verse on hijab was revealed. Bibi Fatima daughter of the prophet preferred niqaab, while many wore hijaab covering the head and loose garments. So you need to correct yourself and wear hijaab. Just because your family doesn’t wear is not an excuse. This has been our tradition for the beginning. How is the hijaab of virgin Mary. Dr Barrett should be wise and promote hijaab as a form of worship or ibadaat. Please don’t misinform others on hijaab. At the same keep up the good work.

  3. No to nwo

    Actually i meant to write to Mr Barrett about the use of the word “islamists”. I am a Muslim but not an Islamist. This word exists after 911. I agree with Maisoon completely.
    I would like to speak with Maisoon, Pls give her my email address, Mr. Barrett.

  4. hatch

    One strange thing is this: that people on the whole find it fairly easy to learn about, understand, be drawn to and accept Islam, if they want to, but geopolitics and false flags, no! No thanks they say.
    This stuff is more ‘esoteric’ in that sense, than the normal type of esoterism which is often one of the main factors in attracting people to Islam.

  5. hatch

    1. A specialist in the study of Islam.
    2. A member or supporter of an Islamic revivalist movement; an Islamist.

    An advocate or supporter of Islamic militancy or fundamentalism.

    (This is from google. So according to their definition there is no such thing as Islamic revival other than a militant or fundamental one)

    But who cares about the thicko’s and what they think? Worrying about what the idiots think will always be an uphill struggle, so best to forget them and the good ones will understand.
    I’m pretty sure, tonnes and tonnes of people in the West will be coming to Islam. They won’t get hung up on terminology.

  6. hatch

    How about ‘Mahdists’? (Fighting for ‘Mahdism’)
    Guess i should listen to the interview before commenting. Only 10 seconds in.

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