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This show was broadcast December 22, 2018.
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PSI SATURDAY — explorations in Paranormal research

Coming up Saturday: Super Soldiers — Manchurian Candidate — Sleeper Assassins — Mind Control

Self-professed ‘super soldiers’ Duncan O’Finioan and David Corso speak at the Project Camelot conference in Los Angeles in September 2009. They take surprising questions from the audience. This show begins with a 10 minute segment from Jessie Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory program on Mind Control in which Duncan O’Finioan is featured in the first few minutes in the parking garage talking to Jessie.
Authors and experts warn that forces within the government have revived a program that uses mind control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins. This real-life Manchurian Candidate seems outlandish-until Jesse Ventura searches for the evidence and goes face-to-face with a man who claims he’s one of the killers.

Jesse Ventura and a team of expert investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time. They examine available evidence as well as talking to experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as global warming, possible 9/11 cover-ups, secret government weapons and apocalyptic prophecies. “This is my personal journey,” Ventura says, “to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about.”

PSI Saturday -explorations in Paranormal Research, covers some of the most way-out topics of our day including Flying Saucers, ESP, Reincarnation, Psychic Research, Psychokinesis, time Travel, Survival, Astral Travel, Alien Abductions, etc. We scour the world to find and gather debates and presentations that are extremely informative and educational. Related subjects are also discussed. It provides key information for the uninitiated and the initiated alike.


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