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ECOSHOCK —Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

David Wasdell on the coming climate catastrophe … What if we are already committed to a hostile climate shift over 8 degrees C? Is the Paris summit based on a lie? David Wasdell from the Apollo-Gaia project on his stunning new video & paper “Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now”.

The most downloaded program on Radio Ecoshock, ever. Probably the most disturbing interview on Radio Ecoshock all year. The science left out by IPCC scientists, and by heads of government at Paris. How we know Earth is already committed to unimaginable changes, hotter by 10 degrees or more, with sea levels that will drown most coastal cities. It has happened in the past. It is coming again, faster than we think. A full length feature interview with the very big picture, supported by very strong science. Don’t miss it.

Featured Guests/Credits: Interview by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock. Occasional music by Alex Smith. Video and paper available at http://www.apollo-gaia.org Jeff Goodell, Paulo Ceppi. Interviews and music by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock.

Show blog published Wednesday at http://www.ecoshock.info with all the links. Visit Radio Ecoshock here.

This show was broadcast on February 2, 2018.

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