Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti on Plasco, One Year Later_ on 9/11 Free Fall

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Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti on Plasco, One Year Later

Host Andy Steele is joined by AE911Truth’s Director of Strategy and Development, Ted Walter, and Mechanical Engineer, Tony Szamboti, to discuss the fall of the Plasco Building in Iran one year ago, and to offer commentary about a recent Gizmodo article that attacks AE911Truth over its response to the event.

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This encore show was broadcast on January 25, 2018.

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3 Responses to “Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti on Plasco, One Year Later_ on 9/11 Free Fall”

  1. Ken O'Dowd

    P.S. One corollary of a more sophisticated statistical approach which posits that the cluster of building collapses on September 11, 2001 was *extremely unlikely* to be due to the chance effects of building fires, of course, is that supporters of the “official” government narrative (at least supporters of the NIST report) are necessarily extreme Coincidence Theorists…

  2. Ken O'Dowd

    As someone with a half dozen statistics course at the graduate school level, it seems to me AE911 Truth and its allies are shooting themselves in the foot by implying that the probability of a steel-framed skyscraper collapsing on the basis of fire alone is precisely zero. From a statistical point of view, even if it could be proven that Plasco were such a case, the fact remains that a *cluster* of such events in a short period of time – which is what allegedly occurred at the site of the former World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 – remains *extremely* unlikely, to the point where it begs the question of what structural problems where shared by those three buildings that were not shared by the remaining skyscrapers at that site.

  3. Vince Giesbrecht

    I’ve never heard anyone cite this incident when arguing destructive internal forces SLOWING a collapse but the Versailles wedding hall incident gives graphic and auditory proof that an unassisted collapse of a building takes TIME. (May 24, 2001 in Talpiot Jerusalem.)

    Time the noise of this disaster and it comes out to about 17 seconds for 4 floors to collapse naturally via domino gravity forces.




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