Tribute to Alan Hart: His “Coming Out on 9/11” Interview _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Tribute to Alan Hart: His “Coming Out on 9/11” Interview

Alan Hart, one of the greatest truth-seeking journalists of our time, passed away on January 15. (Read my obituary “RIP Alan Hart: Giant of honest journalism and Middle East peacemaking.”)

In this special tribute episode of Truth Jihad Radio, I spend the first seven minutes discussing my history with Alan, leading up to how he came out as a 9/11 truth supporter by “violating his own rule” as he put it and discussing the subject on my radio show. Then I play that historic interview, originally broadcast on May 25, 2010.

This show was broadcast on January 22, 2018.

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2 Responses to “Tribute to Alan Hart: His “Coming Out on 9/11” Interview _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. No to nwo

    I always agree to everything that Maisoon says. Maisoon, please contact me. Kevin may give you my e mail address. I have been trying to get you on skype. You actually have heard of me.

  2. maisoon

    From its very early conception, World Jewry planned the creation of Israel, indeed of their Eretz Israeli Empire with the intention of seizing ALL of PALESTINE
    In 1948,in Official documents, Israel the new State, never DEFINED its borders because the plan all along was to conquer and usurp Palestine in its entirety.
    Stealing via violence and concocted wars, ‘Piece by Piece of Palestine is the only ‘piece’ these Jews understood and wanted.
    The 2 State solution was always a dead horse, a delay tactic to dupe the world and muster up even more sympathies for the Jews and their Eternal Victim Trump card.
    I never felt comfortable with Hart and his close friendship with Gold Meir and other Close Jewish Zionist friends he had like Ury Avnery and I never agreed with his Zionism is not Judaism which for me is one and the same.
    One thing I agreed with him here was his conclusion that the Jews will take the rest of Palestine and its people will be Ethnically cleansed, Genocided, or forced out into the Sea, the Deserts of Sinai or made into stateless impoverished and unwanted Refugees and the world community will allow it to happen because the Aggressors are Jews who control, dominate and even occupy their own Governments and Financial Institutions/Corporations. The ZIONIS Judeo Arabs also will not stop Israel either- they don’t have Guts, Grit, are spineless weak and subservient as are majority of today’s world.
    We will face a new VERY REAL HOLOCAUST ironically perpetrated by the Phony Victims of their Holohoax. And once again, the damn civilised world Community will declare ‘Never again’ but may indeed be happy as the Victims will be Middle Eastern Muslims and Christian Arabs who are dispensable- nothing to worry about or cry about-right!!? Nothing to prick the Conscience of the Human Soul! That is the way of the Israeli based New Jewish Order where from their Pagan satanic temple they hope to rule our world.



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