Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele

First hour: Brendon O’Connell is out of the New Zealand immigration prison where he languished as a criminally-mistreated political-asylum-seeker. But he still has legal issues in Australia, and his lawyer doesn’t seem to be working on them. (If you can’t trust lawyers, who can you trust?) He also has plans for a conference in Malaysia examining Israel’s Talpiot program.

Second hour: Robert David Steele recently published a review of Wolfe’s Fire and Fury (and two other books assessing Trump’s presidency-in-progress). Steele on Wolfe: “My gut feeling as a professional intelligence and counterintelligence officer is that this book is one third revelatory insight; one third mis-representative gossip drama; and one third outright lies.” Steele defends Trump’s intelligence and competence—and for evidence, he cites one book by Newt Gingrich, and another by right-wing-idiot political flacks Lewandowski and Bossie. (The former is a shill for the coroporatocracy crooks at “Americans for Prosperity,” while the latter is a former President of the even more corrupt Citizens United — prime destroyers of what little was left of American democracy.) Bossie also contributes to Fox News, and served as Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager and Deputy Executive Transition Director. Seriously, Robert? You believe the Trump puffery coming from sources like that?!

And in case you think I have nothing good to say about Trump, check out:

In which I try to say something nice about our beloved President Trump and compare him to Muhammad Ali

How can a reader like Robert David Steele, who reviews books as prolifically as Trump tweets, not see that Trump is effectively non-literate, emotionally unstable, wildly narcissistic, egomaniacal, ADD-addled, corrupt-to-the-core, a lifelong Kosher Nostra frontman “made” by Roy Cohn, and so on? Listen and find out.

PS Whatever you may think about Trump, there’s no question that Robert David Steele’s UNRIG plan is the reform package America needs.

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Could Trump transform himself from “doomed buffoon” to the greatest president America ever had?

Message to tweet to @realDonaldTrump between 6-11 am and 6-11 pm:

“Give Robert Steele 3 minutes.

This show was broadcast on January 21, 2018.

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7 Responses to “Two hard-hitting truth-seekers: Brendon O’Connell and Robert David Steele_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”


    For example, right after 9/11, millions of people in the usa have dropped out of the tax-paying pool. Some maybe because of difficult financial situation, others probably because they have finally realized that they are being terrorized and hoodwinked by the very same people posing as protectors and father-figures.

    One could incessantly hear ads on the radio, on how the IRS is offering amnesty and payment plans for people to go back to paying taxes…etc. May they burn in the fire of hell.

    Personally, the few first years, whenever I used to receive IRS bills, I just shredded them and put them in the garbage (along with the jury duty letters). After a few years of ignoring them, they stopped sending me their BS bills. I also gave up my bank account and insisted on being paid cash.

    Yes it is not easy at all to say the least, because the system is designed to reward only those who comply and obey their BS imaginary masters. The system treats those who work hard, as beggars and thieves, through fines, “regulations”, license for this, license for that…etc. They are in fact enforcing poverty and having fun in the process.. May they burn in hell for eternity when this dimension is undone.

    Again, Planet earth gives its bounties for FREE (Food, Water and Shelter), with only a minimum effort invested. Anything and anyone trying to convince you that a life of hardship, stress, anxiety, pollution and disease, is just the normal course of things, ought to be dealt with as the devil that he is or the slave-in-love-with-his-chains that he is.

  2. “I hope you’ll start to have some shows with people with ideas for the orderly abandonment of the current paradigm, or with some actual and radical ideas for reforming the existing.”

    Very simple : each and everyone embraces ‘Non-compliance’ and ‘non-obedience’, and then the system and the ugly narcissists thriving on it (and destroying the planet and its inhabitants in the course) will end up decaying on their own very quickly.

    They can take their technology, planes, trains, iphones, TV shows, plastic industry, oil industry, pesticide industry…etc to Hell with them. Life on earth will be better without all that garbage. After a few years, beautiful planet earth will again start breathing easily and give its beautiful bounties (water, food and shelter) for FREE and of very high quality, as originally intended to.

    As for those self-defeatists believing : “Government will always be here” :

  3. Seamus

    Agree with all the comments below, he’s super happy with himself, and he’s really rude. Why deal with that? He was noticeably annoyed, masked by a mild jest, when he said he was being kept up, and then makes the comment about getting pissed off. To and at the host. I couldn’t listen anymore after that. Leave him behind. I don’t want to listen to that kind of pointless contention and hostility. Can get that on Fox and CNN.

    Beyond that, there are no solutions to come from working within the current system, that cannot happen, so my gut has told me he’s a distraction since the presidential campaign period.

    What I would like to hear from TJR and its guests now are discussions about solutions to the by now incredibly well laid out problems. I’m finding it a little odd that with the magnitude of corruption that has been exhaustively discussed these past 16+ years, and involving the past several hundred years or more, that there is still an undercurrent in Dr. Barrett’s tone of fixing the post iceberg Titanic, and that there is something like good intentions among some at the heights of power, and that could be relied on.

    No way. It’s never been true, it likely never could be, the machine marches on, tossing a few scraps here and there, but if I’m wrong, then how does the repair work, exactly? Who oversees this, and then doesn’t get corrupted or compromised himself?

    I hope you’ll start to have some shows with people with ideas for the orderly abandonment of the current paradigm, or with some actual and radical ideas for reforming the existing. Thanks for your hard work exposing the guys behind the curtain.

  4. John

    Robert Steele claims to be allied with long-time political operative Roger Stone, and a man is known by the company he keeps. See this writeup on Stone, Trump, and Roy Cohn:

    “Both Stone and Trump are proud to name mobbed-up McCarthyite lawyer Roy Cohn as their mentor. Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, was part of a New York pedophile-blackmail network…[and] a retired New York Police Detective [Jim Rothstein] claims that Stone was part of this network… Stone is likely to have participated in the blackmail ring at New York’s Plaza Hotel ‘blue suite’… Trump eventually became owner of the hotel in 1988, two years after Cohn died of AIDS.”

    Source: fitzinfo (wordpress blog), 2017-02-15 article on Roger Stone

  5. maisoon

    I agree totally with Abdullah’s comment above
    Steele is extremely arrogant and Blind if he seriously believes that Trump was ‘legally’ elected..
    Us Presidents, specially chosen and mentored by the DEEP STATE Establishment run by Israel and Jewry, are INSTALLED.
    Trump IS a member of the Deep State. HE IS part of the Establishment. He appears stupid but IS a conniving deviant, sexual pervert and a corrupt to the core Mafia Gangster.
    TRUMP MR STEELE maybe small fry but he is OWNED by the Rothschild Banksters.
    No Steele,over 95% of CIA are BAD, 5% are good.
    99.9% of US Government Officials are corrupt and evil
    Trump Mr Steele is NOT your President- Kushner is, whose wife is the First Lady. Kushner has sexual paedophile dirt on Trump linked it is alleged to his daughter Ivanka.
    As Kevin states, TRUMP is the TOOL of the Jewish Deep State. whose strings are pulled by his HANDLERS.
    Steele prefers to remain blind to the reality of the USA. These ‘EX’ CIA guys do not inspire any trust or honesty. They manipulate the Truth which is what Steele has done here with regards his love for Trump.
    You cannot restore integrity when you have Jews/Zionists/Neocons controlling and Israel occupying the USA.
    Please wake up Mr Steele from your ‘intelligence’ slumber.
    Pence stated the embassy will be moved by end of 2018/9 which will be built on stolen Palestinian Land.
    Zionism IS NOT on its deathbed because Americans are still in a comatosed state- blind and ignorant.
    I cannot stand these EX Intel guys- they live in their own RUT.
    Tony Blair’s sister in law allegedly ‘converted’ to Islam. She ended up breaking up a family and running off with the husband of the couple she ‘befriended’.
    Such a pity Steele is so MIXED UP and inflexible with his own View points.
    NO, Orthodox Judaism is not honourable at all but based on racist ideologies- just look at the Jewish Israeli soldiers. Israel is a JEWISH LED REGIME Mr Steele- they declare Israel as a JEWISH State, not Zionist but Jewish, and they declare Jerusalem as the ‘Jewish’ Capital of a Jewish State. Vast majority of Jews morally financially and politically support the racist ‘Jewish’ Israeli State.
    Balfour Declaration was written by Jews given to the Goy, Balfour.
    Mr Steele sadly does emit bad energy and it is stunning that he still continues supporting that Zionist Chabad Lubavitch Orange man in the white House.
    Steele sadly is so stupidly NAIVE about who really owns Trump. America has not had an honest Congress for decades and especially after JFK’s assassination [By Israel and Associates]

  6. I always felt very bad energy coming from ‘Robert David Steele’.

    He is either an infiltrator who can not even contain his arrogance while doing his infiltrator job, or he is just simply overly impressed with himself and expect others to be equally as impressed with him (“intelligence and counter-intelligence”…so impressive…Every asshole who ever had a badge of any kind will be just that !!).

    His UNRIG plan may be just another way to drain the energy and resources of those who want to bring some change to the BS system suffocating – slowly but surely – everybody.



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