Christopher Fogerty exposes the Irish holocaust; Faramak Zahraie responds to Ibrahim Soudy__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Christopher Fogerty exposes the Irish holocaust; Faramak Zahraie responds to Ibrahim Soudy

First hour: Christopher Fogerty is a leading expert and activist on the Irish holocaust (sometimes called a “potato famine” by Irish holocaust deniers). A carpenter and former journalist with Irish American News, his 1980s pamphlet on the Irish holocaust migrated to the web in the 1990s and became During the first 30 minutes, we discuss the Irish holocaust of 1845-1850 (more than 5 million murdered by the British government) and attempts to cover it up. In the second segment Christopher describes how he was personally targeted by MI5 false flag terrorists – and offers evidence that these deep state criminals were working for the neocons who have since then perpetrated the 9/11-instigated 32 million Muslim holocaust.

Second hour: Faramak Zahraie is web developer, software engineer, and American Muslim activist. He strongly disagrees with some of the views Ibrahim Soudy expressed on my December 15th show. Here’s his chance to counter with his own perspective!

This show was broadcast on December 31, 2017.

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3 Responses to “Christopher Fogerty exposes the Irish holocaust; Faramak Zahraie responds to Ibrahim Soudy__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. @Amanda : Do not bother trying to find out who said what; what group is right, which one is wrong; who started the fight with others 1000 years ago; what label of Islam is better than the others…etc.

    Leave all that nonsense to those seeking a herd to belong to and to those feeling the hypocritical need to be holier-than-thou. Allah will judge between them on Judgement Day, it is none of our business.

    Rather, concentrate on the Quran, its beauty, its wisdom, its guidance and on the Signs of Allah that are present everywhere and perceptible by those who haven’t lost their capacity to be Amazed.

    No need for labels after or before the word ‘Muslim’. You will find wisdom, learning and guidance, in a wide variety of sources Insha’Allah.

    Best of luck.

  2. Amanda

    I was born in Ireland, so really enjoyed the first hour. The hatred between the Irish and the Brits goes both ways. I was sitting in on a meeting with other pro Palestinians when a British woman made a remark defending Jews by saying, ‘I don’t blame all Irish because of the filthy IRA’. I swear to God, had I not been at the far end of the table, that woman would have limped toothless to the nearest Emergency Ward. Her British relatives were the cruelest savages in the IRA.

    The second hour just pissed me off. I am not a Muslim, but most of my close friends are Muslims, and I am learning about Islam through self study, and sticking to written knowledge rather than the OPINIONS of someone who gives conflicted information to what I have learned thus far.(meaning, today’s guest)
    The Sunni mazhabs actually are scholars who tried to explain further the teaching of the Quran and hadeeth to people who started becoming less faithful and more ignorant.
    The 4 Imams in Sunna are actually successors, one is a student of the other
    All their interpretations are quite the same, but they always say if you found anything we say that doesn’t match the Quran or hadeeth even so little, follow the Quran and hadeeth

    The 12 disciples of Shia did not encourage reading the Quran for knowledge, but to seek faith thru them ; more likely to be idolized

    The Sahabis whom Shia curse are the ones who kept the Quran safe

    The Prophet,PBUH, in his saheeh hadeeth said if there were a Prophet after me it’d be Omar Ibn al Khattab.
    He, PBUH, didn’t say Ali
    … so, please correct me I if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Shia going against Allah?
    Didn’t the Shias also kill the Prophets (PBUH) grandsons?
    Do Shias praise or curse Aisha?

    Regarding Sufism. Ibrahim was right. I’m actually more pissed off at the backstabbing of Ibrahim by today’s guest than I was by that British woman getting her IRA and Irish people dig in at me. In my mind, the two of them could sit at the Emergency and commiserate together.

    Sufism was meant to be more faithful and spiritual and less wanting the world and seeking heaven. I have looked into Sufism for this reason.
    But Sufis started idolizing scholars, instead of Allah. I understood Ibrahim was trying to make this point.

    Does Islam allow this form of worship?
    Answer this basic question and you can understand Ibrahim’s point.
    Adultery is forbidden in the Quran.
    So why do the Shias allow mutaa marriages?

    Again, I confess to not being a Muslim as of yet. I am trying to learn Arabic and read the Quran in it’s true form.

    From my understanding, even Salah ad-Din had to fight through the Shia fatimids to liberate the Muslims from the pagan ‘Muslims?’ before he could liberate Jerusalem.

    Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, please. They work for the Zionists and corrupt the teachings of Islam just as effectively as the Shias have. Today’s guest, I’m sure, would fit in quite well. Calling the Muslim Brotherhood Sunni, is akin to calling Shias ‘Quran’ followers.
    You can’t force anyone to submit to Allah.

    I will try not to judge all Iranians based on today’s guest.

  3. Maisoon

    UTTER RUBBISH ZAHRAIE!! SHIA ISLAM NEVER EXISTED at the time of Our Prophet,pbuh. SHIAS WORSHIP Ali, Hassan And Hussein far more than they do THE PROPHET!! Just listen to Press TV and all you get is constant adulation for SHIA 12 Imams, for Hassan and Hussein whereas Prophet Mohammed rarely gets a mention or the RESPECT and REVERENCE he DESERVES far more than the SHIA 12 Imams who HAVE NO RELEVANCE to the Quran or Sunnah.
    How dare YOU also call brother Ibrahim MI5!! or even Muslim Brotherhood which btw, Kevin supported [in Egypt with Morsi, another Western puppet like their counterparts in Syria!!]
    I don’t ACCEPT your interpretation at all which has distorted ISLAM and made changes which were NOT permitted.
    Iran is not an Islamic Republic – it is a SHIA REPUBLIC and they always STATE they are following SHIA Islam instead of just saying following ISLAM!!
    NO Iran does not include Arabs- Persians have always been adversaries of Arabs and have wanted to RULE the Islamic world!! This guy just shows his Iranian Arrogance which is on a par with Israeli Arrogance!!
    Oh so now Aramaic comes from PERSIA- IS THAT WHAT HE SAID- UNBELIEVABLE!!

    Iranian Revolution was created by the CIA who brought Khomeni into power after visiting him in Paris!!
    Such a typical ARROGANT IRANIAN who thinks he is more superior than Arabs like Ibrahim or me!!
    Deviating from true Islam is their problem, practising Shia Islam that mixes Zoroastrian Paganism, bit of Christian, bit of Jewish and then some Muslim thrown in for good measure!! Look what a fuss they make of Nairouz their New Year which is a PAGAN FERTILITY Rite that has nothing to do with Islam. and many of them don’t believe in Ramadan and have IMAGES in their Mosques which is Haram.
    ISLAM does NOT allow HIERARCHY.
    and PHILOSOPHY DOES EXIST within SUNNI SCHOOLS- you guest is absolutely ARROGANT with his ‘WE Iranians are superior to all SUNNI ARAB Muslims!! Contemptuous and insulting!!

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