Rabbi Lerner and Kevin Barrett discuss and argue about Jerusalem; then Kevin takes on Maxi the Zionist, and reads “From Yahweh to Zion” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Rabbi Lerner and Kevin Barrett discuss and argue about Jerusalem; then Kevin takes on Maxi the Zionist, and reads “From Yahweh to Zion”

First 25 minutes: Rabbi Michael Lerner, America’s most celebrated progressive Rabbi, and Kevin Barrett, America’s best-known Muslim voice of 9/11 truth, get together to discuss – and argue about – the Zionist takeover of Jerusalem, and Trump’s endorsement of that crime against humanity. Dr. Barrett argues that the only way to get justice for Palestine is to expose and defeat Zionist power in the USA. Rabbi Lerner thinks that is a bad strategy, because it will be labeled “anti-Semitic.” Instead, he argues that the elusive two-state-solution will somehow arise, Phoenix-like, from its own ashes, if activists continue to deplore Israeli crimes against Palestinians while ignoring Zionist power in America. Dr. Barrett counters that the Mideastern two-state-solution is dead – there is and will always be only one Palestine – and that we need an AMERICAN intifada to force Israel to relinquish its control over the Zionist-occupied USA – a “two state solution” that would allow for a sovereign and independent America. This, Dr. Barrett believes, would solve the Occupied Palestine problem overnight.

Next 25 minutes: “In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today from Madison, and Maxine Dovere, a reporter and political analyst from New York, to discuss US President Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital while Palestinians continue to protest the decision.”

Final 10 minutes: Kevin Barrett reads a selection from the forthcoming (1/1/2018) From Yahweh to Zion by French historian Laurent Guyénot.

This show was broadcast on December 11, 2017.

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One Response to “Rabbi Lerner and Kevin Barrett discuss and argue about Jerusalem; then Kevin takes on Maxi the Zionist, and reads “From Yahweh to Zion” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Maisoon

    Rabbi Lerner
    I DO blame most of the Jews who live in denial of what their fellow Jews are doing and inflicting upon the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. My reason for this is that majority of Jews morally, religiously, politically and financially support the racist Apartheid Terrorist Entity called Israel
    And NO Israel doe snot have a right to exist because it exists on stolen Lands. The 2 State solution was always a dead duck because Palestinians would never have been allowed to have ‘a State’ with its own army, navy and Israel would have made sure it was fragmented into Jewish controlled Bantustans. A Palestinian State does not need to be created- it already exists and has done so since time immemorial unlike the Israeli Entity that usurped through violence and force the country from its indigenous Palestinians. The majority of Israelis are Foreign European Immigrant settlers who have no genetic, biblical or any other roots and rights to Palestine -only Palestinian Jews have that right. A Palestinian State comprising of indigenous Christian Muslim and Jewish Palestinians- not the European Khazarian immigrants who should all go back to their respective host countries from whence they originated.
    You cannot allow the Israeli Entity to exist, built on the deaths and destruction of Palestine.
    There is absolutely NO difference between Right Wing, Left Wing or Liberal Jews- they all support the Terrorist State of Israel.
    Jews in the USA,UK, Canada and now Australia DO control their Politicians, governments and media. And there is NO difference between Zionism and modern day Talmudic Judaism- even a Rabbi admitted as much claiming that any criticism of both =Anti Semitic and that most Jews today
    “The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.” – Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI.

    “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe-whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists-we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” – Herman Wouk, This is My God.
    controls the political system of the United States.’

    ‘Zionism’, a Rothschild creation like Israel itself.

    Zionist cabal spanning Israel, the United States, Europe and beyond , like the playground bully that it is, attacking the little kid in the callipers – the people of Gaza.
    I leave you with this quote which most Jews adhere to as we are constantly bombarded with the myth that Jews are superior and more intellectual than Gentiles who according to the Talmud were created to serve the Jewish People- according to a quote provided by Rabbi Ovadia Yousef.

    another ‘wise’ rabbi:hateful words of Rabbi Grama: “The difference between the people of Israel and the nations of the world is an essential one. The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.”

    Only Jews can criticise Jews but Gentiles cannot as they are automatically labelled Anti Semitic and have their careers destroyed, their character and standing tarnished, so YEs I do blame most Jews unlike you or Kevin do- the evidence is there and cannot be denied.

    Your Judea Samaria is a myth as is biblical ‘Israel’ which only referred to the Hebrew name given to JACOB, aka ‘Israel’ who was the leader of the Hebrew Tribes who came from Egypt and settled in parts of Canaan/Palestine- it never was a State, even during the short spell of Hebrew rule which was violent in its time against the Amaleks/Non Jews who had lived there long before the Hebrews arrived.
    Jews live in denial, Jews live in their MYTHS, live in their inherent Racism and supremacism that is promoted by their Talmudic scriptures

    “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.” – Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion.
    “Jew and Gentile are two worlds, between you Gentiles and us Jews there lies an unbridgeable gulf…There are two life forces in the world: Jewish and Gentile…I do not believe that this primal difference between Gentile and Jew is reconcilable…” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 9. ‘

    With all these quotes and I can assure many many more online, straight form the ‘horse’s mouth, not mine but of your ilk, I refuse to accept that Jews are not to blame. from |Right wing, Left wing Communists, Neocons, Rabbis of all denominations, Jewish Politicians, Billionaires, Medi Presstitutes, we get the same mind set with the same type of hate filled rhetoric/mantra against Non Jews but according to you, only Jews are permitted to criticise and condemn Jews for their control of Our God given world which they sheepishly and deceitfully like to lie about or deny.
    Well sorry, it no longer washes with me- I have seen what the war crimes and Crimes against Humanity which they have allowed through their incessant arrogant support of The Tribe and all the myths that come with it- myths based on re written Scriptures, re written history
    in order to further their control and powerful via Eretz Israeli [ that goes beyond the Nile to the Euphrates perimeters]Empire that is costing the lives of millions of Gentile Human Souls which this Tribe dismisses and sees as nothing but animals/Goyim
    I have lost family to the violence and racism of your Tribe that today is a close knit Cult that supports the criminality of its brotherhood no matter what Political denominational leanings they have



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