Political prisoner Brendon O’Connell tortured and disappeared for opposing Zionism; ex-CIA Robert David Steele denounces plan to privatize covert ops __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Political prisoner Brendon O’Connell tortured and disappeared for opposing Zionism; ex-CIA Robert David Steele denounces plan to privatize covert ops

Brendon O’Connell in the Kuala Lumpur airport before his ill-fated flight to New Zealand

First hour: Maisoon Rice and Daniel Walker discuss Brendon O’Connell, the Australian activist who was locked up and tortured for years for his free-speech response to a Zionist who physically assaulted him. Brendon is currently imprisoned under atrocious conditions in New Zealand, where he is seeking political asylum. Please write, express concern for his well-being, and demand his release.

Ministerial Services
Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa
Mayfair House | 44-52 The Terrace | Private Box 1206 | Wellington




Second hour: Robert David Steele discusses his latest article “Privatizing Covert Operations The Most Asinine, Unconstitutional Unethical Idea of the 21st Century.”

This show was broadcast on December 10, 2017.

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8 Responses to “Political prisoner Brendon O’Connell tortured and disappeared for opposing Zionism; ex-CIA Robert David Steele denounces plan to privatize covert ops __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. A Kirkman


    I think this is the part about the Saudi-Korean connection. Dr. Kim, for sure, I remember that name now.

  2. A Kirkman

    the rest of my comment was: what are the 23 states?

  3. A Kirkman


    I got cut off from the first comment while looking to see the dates of his life. He was born in 1933 and died on 6/4/99. Worth reading the article, for sure.

    And of course the Bible teaches that Jesus came to save the sinners, not the righteous, who were already saved. There is a film of what he discovered, and — well, it all makes sense to me. See what you think.

    There is a connection to South Korea, too, concerning a translation – something I cannot recall now – all the facts. It has been a while.

  4. Maisoon

    addressed to this Carol Holland woman who calls me an ‘annoying woman’. There is nothing personal about this discussion on Brendon O’Connell. This is a POLITICAL Issue that could affect many of us who try to stand up for truth and justice. Brendon spent 3 years of his life standing up for the human rights of Palestinians, exposing the evil face of Israel, its Military and A.I , Talpiot programmes Zionism and Talmudic Judaism and also exposing the corruption within the political judicial and Penal system within Australia. Only having an hour to cover all the topics was not possible especially as we already lost some time trying to connect.
    People who regularly know about Brendon who has been on Kevin’s show twice know about his plight which obviously Ms Holland,does not.
    This discussion covers the attack on Free Speech and if you bothered to do some research you may have discovered the urgency of why Kevin was kind enough to do a show on him to publicise what is happening to Brendon who is being abused in a NZ detention centre.
    Plus Kevin and Daniel talked about other issues that are of course connected and stand for topics that Brendon spoke up against.
    I was not on the show to hear my own voice- I and Daniel were on to speak about freeing Brendon O’Connell who is a political prisoner and Kevin’s shows cover politics.
    So it is such a shame and pity that Ms Holland finds me ‘annoying’.
    I find you annoying frankly for not understanding the topic covered here. I have never met Brendon personally but befriended him online having taken an interest in his plight and he became a good friend who needs the support of all people who believe in truth, justice and freedom. His detention and the treatment he is receiving by NZ Authorities is worrying and upsets many of his personal and online Activist friends. so form that aspect MS Holland, this is not personal..
    I was desperately trying to make as many points within the allotted time of the programme along with his friend Daniel. Di Chadwell another friend of B was supposed to be on but Kevin had tech problems and was unable to put her on.

    Such a great pity and very disappointing that some of your listeners consider me ‘annoying! Guess what I have to say makes some of them feel uncomfortable- after all truth Hurts, right and many Zionist Americans and Jews don’t like that as they want us all living in their Matrix world of deception and indoctrination, muzzling our voices and suppressing our thoughts and free speech!!
    I stand for truth and for justice and am publicising the dangerous waters my friend is in who lost 3 years of his life standing for freedom which too many of us take for granted.
    So Ms Holland, I MAKE NO APOLOGIES to you for being ‘annoying’ in this conversation that covered other topics which Brendon devoted his life to expose and committed to truth and justice which we should commend him for and offer him our moral support.
    Watch his videos and Daniel walker’s Videos [Activist News] to understand why and who Brendon is and that he is standing for ALL OUR Rights and Freedoms.

  5. Carol Holland

    Not a show….personal conversation with an annoying woman about someone we don’t know.

  6. Muhammad Khan

    I am surprised at what Mr.Steele said.looks to me as very naive or himself being working for Israeli agencies to confuse the thinking of peaople.I still hope I am wrong.

  7. Maisoon

    Such a great pity that Mr Steele is still delusional in his support for Trump. I just cannot believe after all Trump has done, that Steele still thinks highly of him
    I also do NOT share his views about Jews, that the majority are good in the USA- I don’t pander to such love for these people who the majority support Israel politically and financially as well as religiously and morally, keeping Israel propped up. Nothing will make me change my mind. They follow an evil Cult that even Christ, pbuh acknowledged and rejected- they have not changed but in fact gotten progressively worse, turning against God and still carried out killings of anyone who stands in their way and who refused to be subservient to all their whims and Agendas
    Trump has no redeeming qualities, and never has and I cannot for the life of me see what Steel saw so appealing in this Sexual Predator and now another War Criminal!!
    And just what has he done for Americans – not delivering on health care, nor Pensions and reducing taxes- nothing- he is just another Mafia controlled Criminal that ahs entered Politics where his son in law runs the show while Trump spends his time playing golf, twittering or even opening his vile ventriloquist controlled mouth with his incessant ANTI ISLAM rhetoric but very happy to sell American WMDS to the very ‘Muslims’ he speaks ill of, behind the terrorism- irony of irony which as you and I know is really Israel’s terrorist Mercenaries
    Mr Steele is wrong about Trump as this man has been rotten to the core from the very beginning, a Sexual Pervert, Mafia member and now a political war criminal and Racist Inciter of hatred and violence- just the kind of person Israelis and Jewish Lobbyists like to have and utilise with plenty of blackmail material at their disposal to ensure he plays ball

  8. Maisoon

    Hi Kevin
    Please mention Daniel Walker’s website Activist News:
    and I sincerely hope people will write to the Detention centre and demand Brendon’s release and to let us know whether he is safe and well- is he still alive, what are they doing to him which we suspect is torture!



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