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Conspiracy Culture in America

-we discuss the inherent conservative bent of conspiracy culture in America. We also discuss how both “right” and “left” control discourse and stifle real opposition to power.

This was broadcast on November 28, 2017.

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One Response to “Conspiracy Culture in America _on The Antedote”

  1. Dwight Loop

    Had to respond. Maybe an age difference.But this was gobbledygook!
    Curious how “conspiracy” culture is now a right wing thing now, when the Cia began promulgating the term, there were no “right” wing theorists as the resulting narrative that developed exposed the right wing milatary industrial media complex!!!
    I would say your real discussion should be about how the TRUTH has been turned on its head by operatives like A.Jones. Isn’t it convenient that the media mainstream uses Jones as the main reason not to believe anyone’s real Truth. Shallow , too much wasted words that really stretched this discussion that when finished left me with a big fat
    Your argument that there is a right wing domination of conspiracy theories just doesn’t fly. You seemed more intent on dissing the heavy hitters of the TRUTH movement like Mae Brussels, DAvid Emory, Mark Lane, etc. without touching on how the Conspiracy tag has been used to kill the truth!
    So called Right Wing domination from a very small cast of Trump phonies does not a case make for your wordy, confusing point you were obviously struggling to make! I think you need some historical context to the mess we are deeply in.
    The criticism of Goodman! Chomsky however, is well and correct. Well paid and with a limit to what they report or won’t.. But overall, nothing new here other than making one wish you had guests rather than just the two of you to make some sense of today’s climate of misinformation, half truths and confusion…..
    This was a painful exercise of listening on NLR from a frequent listener! You really missed it on this one!



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